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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Immigration - 15 seconds of fame

The Denver Post has published several columns on immigration lately, so I sent them the letter below this morning. They called back sometime today and said they were considering it for publication, which means they will probably print it in the next few days.

There are many reasons for our immigration problem, but near the top of the list is Mexico's refusal to reform it's onerous business regulations. According to the World Bank, which measures 24 regulatory barriers to business formation, there are significant differences in business regulations between the US and Mexico. A few examples: 1) time to start a business (days) - US (5), Mexico (58); 2) difficulty of firing index - US (10), Mexico (90); 3) difficulty of hiring index - US (0), Mexico (67); 4) registering property - US (12 days), Mexico (74 days). Regime change south of the border might do more to solve our immigration problem than anything else.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

really excellent letter...has it run yet?

Hope you are feeling much better.

Dave Meleney

10:25 AM  

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