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Sunday, April 23, 2006


Another Victor Davis Hanson column. HT austinbay


Blogger dave meleney said...

Dave, in your link to Professor Hansen.... he says: "Indeed, after Saddam Hussein was deposed, the United States was supposedly disliked worldwide,"

golly, Dave, has he given reason to doubt the polling numbers on this, and I just missed it?

Supposing the thesis that the war in Iraq turns out very, very well... with all the benificial ripple effects around the Middle East that the President has been predicting.....

You still wouldn't want to deny that for quite some time during the early years of the war (2003-2006)America became pretty widely disliked for the war.... and that thoughtful Americans, both supporters and opponents of the war... could be reasonably concerned about the prospect of radical imams recruiting ever larger numbers of angry youth to an ever larger war.

Actually it is not out of the question that the war may grow a virulent anti-Americanism on campuses in every country, including our own.... that could lead to a world wide revival of the marxist philosophy that Reagan and Thatcher had so amazingly cut down to size.

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