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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Ballot Builder

The Rocky Mountain News has something they call Ballot Builder and it's a pretty useful tool, although I could quibble about their scoring techniques. I would prefer to see scoring on the same side of an issue as the candidate get a higher score and on different sides a lower score. I'd like to be able to give some weight to the questions, too. Stem cell research isn't nearly as important as the war. Minor party candidates are also included. Dan Ong and Dwight Harding, both Libertarians, need to get their act together and answer the questionaires.


Blogger goyishekop said...

Well, yeah.

And (like any good tool) it gives me info that I wouldn't otherwise have known:

(1) Lots of candidates have no profiles. Dwight Harding? Daniel Ong? We should vote for guys who won't tell us where they stand?

(2) I'm a registered Republican, with strong Libertarian leanings. My Democratic congressional candidate, Mark Udall, has a much higher agreement level with me than his Libertarian opponent, Norm Olsen. Claire Winkler edges out Rand Fanshier, and Bill Ritter beats Dawn Winkler.

Not that I'm planning on voting for the Dems for all these -- for example, Bob Bauprez beats Bill Ritter. Still, I'm surprised to see the Libertarians match me so poorly.

(3) The Libertarians are fielding no candidate for Secretary of State. They've found good enough candidates in the past that I've *voted* for one. What gives?

6:50 PM  
Blogger David Aitken said...

Well, I thought about running for Secretary of State, and they asked me to, but I had no enthusiasm for it, so I didn't. I didn't match very well with anyone either. High was 59 with the indie candidate for Gov. Next was 58 with Winkler, the Lib. Beauprez and Ritter both came in at 39. For whatever reason, I'm matching better with the Dems than the Reps but I'm gagging at the thought. Maybe that's because most of the ballot issues are social issues except for the minimum wage question.

All my other matches were less than 50 except for the Green candidate in US House 1; he came in at 51.

8:29 PM  

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