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Friday, September 08, 2006

Ballot Issues 2006

There are 14 amendments on this November's Colorado ballot. You can read all about them at the state legislature's web site.

Here's how I'll probably vote:
38) Petitions - Yes;
39) School Spending 65% - Yes;
40) Judges Term Limits - Yes;
41) Govt Ethics Restrictions - No;
42) Minimum Wage - No;
43) Marriage Definition - No;
44) Marijuana - Yes;
E) Property Tax Break for Disabled Vets - No;
F) Recall Deadlines - No;
G) Remove Obsolete Provisions from Constitution - Yes;
H) Limit Deductibility of Illegal Workers Wages for Business - No;
I) Domestic Partnerships - Yes;
J) School Spending Including Admin Expenses - No;
K) Sue Feds over Immigration - No


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