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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hard Choices, session 2

I'm taking a course at Denver University, Hard Choices in Public Policy. The instructor is former Colorado governor Richard Lamm.

Today's class was focused on Health Care. We spent most of the class learning about the current state of affairs. Some tidbits: 58 percent of health care is paid for by some form of government. In 1960, we spent 6 percent of GNP on each of three sectors - Education, Defense, and Health Care. Today those percentages are 6, 4, and 16 respectively. It used to be that most health problems came from external events such as epidemics, but today 80 percent of health problems are self-imposed. One of the questions we need to ask is quantity vs quality of life. Much of our health care money is spent on end-of-life issues.


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