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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jane Norton Commits, Maybe

I went to the Jewish Republican meeting in Denver tonight and Jane Norton, one of two Republican candidates for US Senate, was the speaker. I asked her if she would, if elected, have a page on her Senate website that listed the bill numbers and titles that she was going to vote on, how she would be voting, and which clause of the US Constitution authorized the bill, or if it was not authorized. She said, to the room of about 50 people, that she thought it was a great idea. I took that to mean that she would do it, but we'll see.

I sent the same question to Ken Buck, the other candidate. If he responds, I'll post the answer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


WELD COUNTY DESERVES to have a district attorney who has demonstrated experience, competence, who stands for truth and openness and has been an effective prosecutor for the people.

Anyone can say anything to ask a voter for support. You have to look at the record and talk to those who know who is accomplishing and who is just talking.

Who's giving the public generalizations & partial statistics and who's proven specific examples of qualifications & demonstrated competence? Who's participated in Weld County.. law enforcement.. judicial system.. corrections systems.. community & place in the state of Colorado.. who has only recently “dropped in”?

I am Tom Quammen, and I have been your public servant as a prosecutor for 23 years... I've been the second in command in our district attorney’s office for 16 years..

My opponent has never tried a murder case, sexual assault case or any violent crime. It is easy for him to sit on the sidelines and Monday-morning quarterback. He’s not even practicing law!

...experience & competence are what it takes to successfully prosecute these serious cases.

I have signed an unconditional waiver so anyone can go and see my professional and personnel files. My opponent (Buck) refuses, stalls and seeks legal counsel.

My opponent gives you promises — I give you a record of accomplishments.

10:36 PM  

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