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Sunday, March 06, 2016


donald trump supporters racist poll yougov economist column

rotherham gang sentenced to 102 years in prison for abusing young girls

world without fathers

vexing backlash over gender issue

academia is losing its mind

the Oscars aren't racist; they're stuck in the past

the american education system gave birth to bernie sanders

prepare to be called 'racist'

Race seals the class deal

democratic congresswoman african american supreme court clarence thomas doesnt count

harris perry throws away tv career petulantly plays race card from bottom of the deck


Oscars hypocrisy

former top deputy at consumer bureau quietly joins capital

a challenge to our beliefs

prepare to be assimilated

louisiana sheriff who called gang members animals gets the axe

only one man can stop the GOP from breaking apart

new tone comedy central host fantasizes about murdering trump

why evelyn waugh became a female

it was turnabout tailor made to delight

last chance for America?

donald trump is the beta test of a cure for the revolt of the elites

role playing

what campus crybully wars are really about

europe still in denial about migrant crisis

portland homelessness

bleak reality of single parent households

how the west ends?

riggered protester pours bottle of urine on lauren southern because she was winning debate

bdsm sex ban is constitutional

sensitivity fascists are turning colleges into day care centers

men and women of iron

death by dems

backlash over caitlyn jenners cruz support proves leftists are the real bigots

why are liberal run institutions such hotbeds of racism and sexism

blue collar blues

president obama always go to the funeral

hwange national park to slaughter african lions due to lack of hunters

bart not homeless shelter

movies and art - where have all the people gone

is true greatness becoming extinct

7 harsh realities life millennials need understand

cloud people and ground people


silicon valley philanthropists are successful capitalists

gotham embraces insanity

an avoidable catastrophe

what if obama did what trump does?

donald trump rhetoric black lives matter just bad

how democrats abandoned the working class and spurred rise to donald trump

the resentment powering trump

millennials are who we thought they were

trans forming public spaces

a splendid rant about trump clinton american republic ides march

say where is the african american revolt against democrats

stabbing surge stumps nyc police sows fear among residents

David Brooks is clueless


black exodus chicago

swedish city cancels earth hour without lights electricity because of rape risk

festering ferguson effect

of pigpens and paradise

illegals held in vicious framingham rape

undocumented are running amok with no recourse

Are There Conservative TV Shows?

What David Brooks Wrote About Trump Could Be Just As Easily Said of Obama.

left wing protesters brought mob violence

Dear Snowflakes, here’s what oppression REALLY looks like

why its time for a trump revolution

ideologies consequences

mind left insider

donald trump political establishment elites tea party bourgeois working class

criminal blockades are now apparently the norm at trump rally protests

should conservatives lead secret lives

trumpism america s berlusconi moment

astonishingly the establishment losers have learned nothing

core education

portrait of a hispanic Trump voter

larry wilmore attempts to understand a group of black donald trump supporters

student cleared of sex assault charges sues for malicious prosecution

why donald trump

epa execs rely on private emails to talk with lobbyists

boarding the right train

a mad and holy week

is trump americas berlusconi

belgium my country is in denial

google doesn't do Easter

what easter google ignores holiday instead commemorates cesar chavez

gone to texas

hand writing

How the G.O.P. Elite Lost Its Voters to Donald Trump

bho whats in a name

potus 45 apology tour

low information deserve to die yeah right sorry but i voted for trump and i went to stanford

victimhood culture at emory

how the government stole sex

the culture that created donald trump was liberal not conservative

harry reid accused of telling candidate to stand down because a muslim cant win

german railway launches gender segregated carriages in wake of sex attacks

the human condition

the battle for the bathrooms

the revolt of the public and the rise of donald trump

tragic night

i was a closeted christian at the pentagon

crowds on demand

reporter has some tough questions for paypal ceo after he pulls out of nc over new trans bathroom law

next potus will be hated

brilliant bill whittle on cultural appropriation

german justice minister maas slammed over proposed sexist advert ban

white elites versus white working class

time travelers

who are the alt right and what do they want

why are american jews so liberal sarah silvermans sister has some answers

Black students blame America for black girl who attacked white guy with dreadlocks

dictatorship of the dimwits


bernie sanders army of deadbeats can bring conservatives together again

resolving the contradiction of progressivism


great equalizer

pope francis reneges on offer to take in christian refugees

how democrats win debates by corrupting

the number of middle aged whites killing themselves has soared


16 pro lgbt businesses that operate in countries with poor human rights records

what is human

asylum seeker confesses in court to raping boy at vienna pool

swedens greens deny claims party has been infiltrated by islamists

the infantile left

the surprising weakness of invincible institutions

relax its ok for cheerleaders to look hot

how trump can win the black vote to win the election

voting for free soup

espn home some biggest racists sports


the broken windows theory of public bathrooms and gender identity


government complexity entrenched special interests illinois puerto rico venezuela column

donald trump his supporters

collapse civilizations us decentralize institutions special interest


campuses unsafe at any price

why is there political stability because most voters dont think like paul krugman

memorialize stonewall by remembering it

did we waste the 90's?

christian principal goes into exile public education

obama administration to issue decree on transgender access to school restrooms

the amazing 1969 prophecy

isis uses nitric acid kill torture citizens mosul

the educational beatdown


welcome to the one true church of victimology

mediocre expectations

donald trump politically correct speech codes

a destiny beyond the crab bucket

the seven broken guardrails of democracy

Welcome to Swedenistanand have a lousy day

aclu leader quits after daughters encounter men in the womens restroom

utah high school biology test asks students if mother should have an abortion


city streams miserable music to discourage lavator

in between

yes we can blame rape victims specific circumstances

trump and democratic political incorrectness

mcdonalds community centers us physical social networks

Liberals, Want Trump to Win? Keep Calling Him Racist

Erratum to “Correlation not Causation: The Relationship between Personality Traits and Political Ideologies”

why intelligence talent and charisma are vastly overrated

establishment hillary clinton bernie sanders donald trump revolution

campus drunk confidential rape


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