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Saturday, May 28, 2005

15 seconds of fame 3

In the Denver Post. Since they don't seem to keep stuff permanently online, here's what I said:

If the Denver Post editorial board is serious about saving Social Security, it should consider a plan by Alex Pollock at the American Enterprise Institute ( which would, instead of putting your Social Security taxes into a government-owned "trust fund," put an inflation-indexed bond into your own personal trust fund.

The benefits are: 1) government still gets the same amount of money; 2) there is no increase in the total national obligations; 3) there is no need to market more Treasury debt; 4) there are no difficult choices for individuals; and 5) you get a real commitment by the government to pay the benefits in the form a Treasury bond in your name, which you can will to your heirs, not some phony-baloney promise by Congress. Maybe we ought to do the same for Medicare.


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