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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


The larger picture of why I’m uncomfortable with the unlimited proxy power enacted by the Libertarian Party of Colorado has to do with the apparent lack of consideration for the stability and integrity of the organization by some of those who supported proxies. These anarchists, um, people seem to lack the common sense that organizations require to be successful in the long run. We seem to be setting ourselves up for mob rule and should remember the warnings of the founding fathers and others.

Doug Anderson, a long-time libertarian, called me today and suggested that it might be a good opportunity to think about formalizing some system of representation by delegates, which is all proxies are. The Democrats and Republicans do it by precinct, county, and state house district and, I think, elect the same number of delegates from each jurisdiction who then go to the state assembly. Since our numbers are too small to do that, except maybe at the state house district level, other algorithms should be considered. I’m open to ideas.

The National LP allows 1 delegate for every 20 members in each state with additional delegates for presidential votes cast in that state. Colorado could do something similar.

Actually, having, say, 5 delegates from each state house district might work out fairly well. That allows for 325 delegates from a total of 65 districts, more than enough to cover likely attendance for the near future. State House districts are approximately equal in population. If you allow empty slots to be filled by members who are not delegates, everyone should be able to be accommodated. We could also allow proxies to fill empty delegate slots. To give people an incentive for campaigning, allow 5 additional delegates for each elected official in that district.

Another thought occurred to me and that would be to require members attending the convention to bring a minimum number of proxies, which would obviously encourage members to go out and actually do some politicking.

Finally, I just realized that having formal system for picking delegates doesn't quite address the proxy issue, which is the need to allow people who can't attend the convention to have a direct voice. I think it's best to limit the number of proxies that any one individual can represent. As they say, power corrupts.


Anonymous Patrick Esser said...

Although I'm not an Anarchist, I would much rather be called one of those than a Democrat or Republican! Thank You

Have the Democrats and Republicans been in it for the long run with their evil proxies? How much has the Libertarian Party grown in Colorado in the previous 35 years without a proxy? Maybe this party needed this flame under it's butt?

Patrick Esser

9:14 AM  

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