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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Gitmo prisoner photos

Here are some pictures of prisoners' lifestyle at Gitmo. That meal looks pretty good to me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm surprised at you, Dave, linking to and supporting the view of such a blatently biased site. I certainly don't know what sort of abuses have been happening at Gitmo, but this collection of pictures does absolutely nothing to add any facts, and actually demonstrates some of the same flaws you pointed out in the film Fahrenheit 9/11. That Gitmo meal at one time came in boxes that looked much like what the Marines' supplies do prior to preparation. Was this a special meal prepared on a religious holiday? Or is this the caliber of meal every inmate receives every day at Gitmo? Showing us a form of minor abuse such as making an inmate stand for hours does nothing to prove that far worse punishment is NOT happening there.

Sorry, for me this post has exactly the opposite effect of what was intended -- I'm simply more convinced that the U.S. has something to cover up.

Ian McEwen

7:06 AM  

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