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Thursday, July 21, 2005

History Lesson

Here's some of the events that happened before the Iraq war. HT Instapundit


Blogger Adam said...

The guy's setting up straw men. No one claims that the Iran Hostage Crisis was a result of the Iraq War. But it is incredibly hard to see how the insurgency's terrorists, who are related to the other terrorists in no way except for label, aren't a direct result of the US's presence there. By definition they are.

10:00 PM  
Blogger goyishekop said...


It's hard for me to think of The Anchoress as a guy. Still, moving on from
there, I think you're exactly right about two points:

(1) Because the Iran Hostage Crisis preceded the Iraq War, no one claims that
it was a result of the Iraq war.

(2) If the "insurgency's terrorists" were a direct result of
the U.S.'s presence in Iraq "by definition," then they'd be a direct result
of the U.S.'s presence in Iraq.

These illustrate two principles of logic: timelines can be applied to reach
cause-and-effect conclusions (ante hoc ergo non propter hoc), and tautologies
are valid even if the premise is bogus (petitio principii). You have a firm
grasp of both.

Indeed, so does The Anchoress and so do we all.

I see no straw men, though -- only The Anchoress reminding us that

- the Islamofacists were murdering us long before we we liberated Iraq from
Saddaam Hussein

- the Islamofacists that we're fighting and killing in Iraq are part of a
larger wave of worldwide, Islamofacist terrorism

- the Islamofacists that we're fighting and killing in Iraq aren't local
"insurgents," they're monsters in a solid, world-wide, Islamofacist movement
to kill us, re-enslave Iraq and Afghanistan, and terrorize the rest of the

- the Iraq War is part of the same fight as the Iran Hostage Crisis: in the
end, we'll win both or we'll win neither.

She does it with pictures.

Why? Who knows.

Maybe she hopes she'll educate folks who haven't already figured this stuff out
themselves. Maybe she thinks they're just poorly educated or can't read well.

Me, I doubt it.

I think anyone who hasn't already grasped these points believes the Islamofacists are
the good guys. Believes that Michael Moore and Ward Churchill are great
Americans. Believes that if American foreign policy had been being guided by Al Gore
or Kofi Annan or Dan Rather or Yellowcake Joe, we'd never have gotten in this
mess. Believes that Amerika should stop its imperialist, corporate aggression,
shut down its Gulags, and teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. Believes
we should buy the world a Coke.

I think she's wasting her time.

So. How about them Broncos?

6:24 PM  

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