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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Bad reporting

The Rocky Mountain News spent 90 column inches plus pictures and graphs in today's paper talking about diversity problems in the Denver Fire Department but it wasn't until 49th paragraph in the lead story that we learn
Also, many blacks failed to pass the math segment of the test, which consisted of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Many Hispanics fell victim to the reading segment.

That's the sum total of the discussion on lack of preparedness on the part of the candidates. 28 words out of more than 2700, about 1 percent. We don't know what percentage of the candidates failed this or other segments. There's no examination of why they failed. We don't know what percentage of the candidates were minority. In short, a total failure on the part of the reporter to report on what is arguably a much more important factor in the diversity problem.

Earth to reporter April Washington: If you can't read, write, and do simple sixth grade arithmetic, you aren't going to pass the test. And no, these failed candidates aren't victims of anything but their own unwillingness to study. If Editor/Publisher John Temple wants to know why people don't read his rag, this is a perfect example of liberal bias in the mainstream media.


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