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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

More Tabor

I've been attending a progressive meeting for some time now. They're held weekly and, imo, it's a good opportunity to share libertarian viewpoints, particularly on economic issues. Tonight's meeting was a presentation by State Senator Paula Sandoval on Ballot issues C and D. She's supporting C and D, and seemed to mostly have her facts straight, but I felt like I was able to provide a perspective that wouldn't have been heard had I not been there.

One thing she didn't seem to know, or tried to cover up, was the fact that even if C and D do not pass, state spending will still increase. If it's the latter, which I suspect, it could prove to be a potent selling point for a NO vote.

Something else she acknowledged was that the state does not have a rainy day fund. This is another big selling point in favor of a NO vote. If the state isn't astute enough to have a rainy day fund, why should we have to bail them out every time they get in trouble?

I've been encouraging the organizer of this progressive group to get someone from the Independence Institute out to give the NO side and I hope this will happen. I don't know where other progressive meetings are, but Mark Sweitzer might know (from coloradoprogressives).


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