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Saturday, September 17, 2005


There have been lots of people commenting on the lack of government performance, federal, state, and local, in response to hurricane Katrina. What very few, if any, have commented on, is the lack of response from the residents of New Orleans. Not those who left, or were disabled or ill before the hurricane hit, but those who were/are able-bodied, but did not respond.

They just sat there.

Maybe it’s a culture thing. Maybe it’s, yes, the welfare culture thing. Have these people gotten so dependent on government handouts that they won’t even lift a finger to save their own lives? If that’s the case, whatever government does to put New Orleans back together is useless. It won’t fix that problem. I hope that those who stayed, and are now in some other place beginning to put their lives together again, will take advantage of the new opportunities they have to make a fresh start and become a productive and useful member of society.

UPDATE: It looks like some of them are. HT neo-neocon


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