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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ideal Platform?

Over at Voices of Reason, they're talking about a platform for people fed up with the D's and R's. He's got 5 planks, so far. 1) "The role of government should be limited to those things that the government does best or which only the government can perform"; 2) "guaranteed minimum income"; 3) "The tax system should be as simple and transparent as possible"; 4) "People should be free to engage in whatever type of behavior they want to as long as it doesn’t directly harm others"; 5) "Put an end to corporate subsidies of every kind".

I like everything but 2, the guaranteed minimum income, an idea from Richard Nixon, Republican. VOR is a left of center blog, so it's not unusual that they would support this sort of thing. The libertarian perspective is that this would not be needed once you get rid of the corporate subsidies, war on drugs, and all the other bureaucratic stuff that comes with government. All that money would be left in the hands of the people which should eliminate the need for a guaranteed minimum income. Whether the left will ever buy that is questionable.

By corporate subsidies, I hope he includes support for unions and lawyers as something that needs to be eliminated.

It will be interesting to see his take on foreign policy, due out sometime in the near future, I hope.


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