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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Richard Dietrichs

If you ever get a call for Richard Dietrichs, hang up. It's probably a telemarketer. Their latest strategy is to ask for this guy and when you politely tell them that he doesn't live at your house, they start their pitch. So just hang up, unless you ARE Richard Dietrichs. And yes, I do know about the Do Not Call program; I'm just too stubborn to participate in a government program, even if it benefits me.


Blogger dave meleney said...

No...don't hang up....telesalesfolk are generally in a very suggestible frame of mind.... and while they've been instructed to stick to their script and their notion of what the conversation is about.... they are also very bored and very tired of the same old rejection and the same old dialogue....

And trying to get you in a suggestible mode, they are usually open, once you cross the bridge.... to some pretty diverse approaches...

Most will accept an offer that if you answer 3 questions for them, they'll answer 3 for you.... and if you start by asking them what is so special about America that people make lines several blocks long at the US embassy in every country in the world....

If you can't get at least half the telemarketers you recieve to engage to the point they completly forget their script..... well then you need to work on your "libertarian salesmanship" and you better stay home a lot so you can get more practice with these folk when they call!

Pretty soon you'll be using "libertarian salesmanship" whenever you encounter someone who is trying to sell you anything.

Then the next step is to become like Jeff Hummel who has used it for 40 years to convince every female he meets what a great guy he is. Of course you could then end up with a photo album like his in which the women are all twice as cute as you are.

As I said, "Don't hang up!"

9:46 AM  

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