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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bernie Sanders

dont be fooled by bernie sanders hes a diehard communist

bernie sanders the bum who wants your money

bernie sanders national socialism

The Bernie Sanders Blackout

nobody circles the wagons like the political media

brutal the hard truth about european style socialsm

bernie and the high cost of free health care

Nonsense, voter fraud is a myth peddled by Republicans

a good day in iowa

i don't like bernie because he's a socialist

bernie living wage sanders pays his interns only 12 an hour

wolf in donkeys clothing

on energy bernie sanders panders to the one percent

why rand paul supporters should resist the feelthebern calls

bill clinton unloads on bernie sanders ahead of crucial new hampshire primary

bernies adventures on a stalinist kibbutz

bernie sanderss questionable israel advisers

monday morning open thread

13 reasons millennials should vote for bernie sanders

is there a libertarian case for bernie sanders

on health care bernie betrayed vets to protect unions

bernie sanders jane vermont burlington college

bernie sanders true revolutionary or mere philosopher king

what is bernie sanders hiding about his radical history

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are offering fantasy politics to fix Obamas America

the medias blindness to bernies socialist extremism is telling

how laissez faire made sweden rich

culture club

dnc chair superdelegates protect party leaders from grassroots competition

bernie is brainwashing our youth

Democrats establishment fighting the Bern

competition black votes sanders clinton offer raw rhetoric race

bernie sanders hellish health care paradise

branco cartoon you didnt build that

why so many millennials are socialists

bernie sanders introduces bill 15 minimum wage only pays staff 12

donald trump bernie sanders radicals hijacking mainstream

sanders campaign has crossed neverland

bernie sanders arrest photo emerges

bernie sanders on immigration in 2007 video this is a bad bill

he never voted for intervention iraq except twice

who bernies tax plan will really affect

Bernie and Hillary

the failure of the American dream

college for all the europeans and path dependency

bernie sanders revolution is missing revolutionaries

Former Dem official: Go F--- yourself, Bernie!

bernie supporters hatred of work is why trump supporters are so mad

trump racist poll slavery yougov economist upshot

fec flags thousands of illegal donations to sanders campaign

australian taxpayers berned

Bernie oversaw VA

bernie sanders fundraising

will 2016 contest be between nevertrump and neverhillary voters

the best sanders endorsement yet

lobbyists who love bernie sanders

when bernie sanders thought castro and the sandinistas could teach america a lesson

bernie sanders superdelegate chutzpah


republicans better pay attention to bernie

sanders to charities drop dead

on becoming anti bernie

tow truck driver shows up to help stranded motorist when he sees sticker on her car that makes him drive away call the government

how bernie sanders wife destroyed burlington college

the seven stages of bernies suckers

demexit clinton protests that dnc tried to hide

symone sanders on life after bernie


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