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Saturday, March 05, 2016


how modern sweden profits success its free market history

martin luther king on marxism

for venezuela the end is near someone tell bernie

venezuela is on the brink of a complete economic collapse

the medias blindness to bernies socialist extremism is telling

sugar daddy sanders and the power of socialism

protected by the connected at the expense of poor and middle class

bernie is brainwashing our youth

5 reasons socialism is inferior to capitalism

Venezuela's black economic magic

branco cartoon you didnt build that

why i cant be a socialist

young people and socialism

growing popularity and folly of Bernie Sanders' socialism

WAPO columnist - Trump's rise explains how Hitler came to power

why socialism failed

bernie sanders 2016 socialism

authentic rebellion

the vanity and horror of Venezuelan socialism

garry kasparov on the collapse of the soviet union

bernie sanders democratic socialism

chart no minimum wage supporting socialist wants you see

if sweden and germany became us states they would be among poorest states

sons of liberty vs national front

socialism has created humanitarian disaster venezuela

leftist professor fired by leftist university for threatening leftist press at leftist rally blames conservatives

garry kasparov hey bernie don t lecture me about socialism i lived through it

mind left insider

socialist or fascist

oh good were arguing whether marxism works

obamas solar energy socialism

Is government ever big enough

bill whittle on how to convert people to the freedom agenda

the suicide of venezuela

venezuela economic food crisis meals

vietnam ruled by communists for 40 years is now the no 1 fan of capitalism on the planet

reflections venezuela's economic miracle

dying infants and no medicine inside venezuelas failing hospitals

venezuela is falling apart

No electricity no antibiotics no beds no soap devastating look inside Venezuela s crisis struck hospitals 7 babies die day bleeding patients lie strewn floor doctors try operate without tools

the tragedy of democratic socialism

venezuelan apocalypse some updates on the epic failure of socialism in oil rich venezuela

meltdown in venezuela the anatomy of a monstrously unique economic basket case

sugar shortage in venezuela forces coca cola to stop production

venezuela where hamburger officially $170

socialist venezuela goes bust

venezuela economic government collapse

venezuela collapses colombia rises

socialisms bloody history shows millennials should think twice before supporting it

venezuela hugo chavez socialism bernie sanders elections

democratic socialism 21st century socialism or how a bus driver can steer a country

as hunger mounts venezuelans turn to trash for food

Nightmare in the workers paradise

venezuela slums turning against maduro


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