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Sunday, February 28, 2016


least influential people 2015

bill clinton made 8 million speeches companies matters pending hillarys state dept

hillary clintons 13m fail as secretary of state

dont let liberals tell you what you can and cant say about hillary

hillary clinton campaign logos pandering suggestions

heres the bottom line of the hillary e mail dump

donald trump hillary clinton

8 million in bill clintons speaking cash speaks for itself

hillary cant explain the difference between a democrat and a socialist video

bom in newlyreleased email hillary orders aide to strip classified marking

we do know hillary told her daughter

an excellent discussion of latest

America cut him loose

But will DOJ prosecute?

lena dunham just taught conservatives an important lesson about millennials and hillary clinton

tracking the clinton controversies from whitewater to benghazi

thousands of new hillary docs found

fbis clinton probe expands to public corruption track

hillary clintons promise to save obamacare is laughable

emails clinton aides resisted state department suggestion that clinton use state gov account

hillary emails contained info from most secretive sources says inspector general

has clinton normal caught up with hillary

hillary clinton un admits her e mail erro

nobody circles the wagons like the political media

nobody circles the wagons like the political media

peak carly

dont sit on a hot stove till hillary is indicted

why hillarys emailgate matters

two presidential candidates consistent

hillarys emails disqualify her from the presidency

more on hillarys emails

clinton shilling journalists should stop

breaking hillary clinton put spies lives at risk

clinton had plans to use hidden it network to bypass state department rules

a good day in iowa

hmmm kerry sent hillary classified e mail over his private account

an allcaps explosion of feelings regarding the liberal backlash against hillary clinton

why democrats dont have choice hillary clinton

more clinton emails to be labeled top secret lawmaker says

clinton s security clearance is under scrutiny

clinton blasts wall street but still draws millions in contributions

email scandal envelops intelligence agencies

sanders and clinton get substantive that s where they go wrong

clinton email scandal why it might be time for democrats to draft joe biden

hillary and suspension of disbelief

hillary talks about americans theyre peasants

the deceiving of Madeleine Albirght

can we forgive hillary clinton for her past war on video games

pressure on Lynch to step aside in Clinton email probe

rubio and fiorina make dems justify own pro abortion extremism

fbi makes it official hillary rodham clinton is under investigation

democratic party bosses finally figure

obama may be ensnared in the clinton email scandal

citing donations critics say lynch shouldnt decide on clinton probe

this is how hillary clinton gets the coverage she wants

corrupt journalism doesnt pay nor does abetting it

the russia reset has failed obamas foreign policy is lost

emails show how hillary manipulated press

top secret intel handled by at least a dozen of hillarys top aides

hillary clinton does not deserve black peoples votes

watergate reporter vast right wing conspiracy didnt put hillarys server in her damn closet

why hillary wants to bury her rah rah goldman speeches

spillage up to 30 accounts on hillary server interacted with top secret data

sexism has nothing to do with it

exclusive former obama defense intel chief says hillary should step down

the growing stench of Clinton corruption

damn it feels good to be a Clinton

coincidences help hillary clinton in email scandal

hillary dead end campaign

hillary clinton hires woman who thinks

competition black votes sanders clinton offer raw rhetoric race

report hillary unsecured email had info on cia afghan agent

clintons will really try anything false attacks and failed strategies

huma abedin and the tangled clinton web

hillary gop racist for opposing obama on scalia replacment

branco cartoon you didnt build that

a nice long compilation of hillary clinton lies

hillary clinton desperate hypocrite spews word vomit in harlem

hillary refuses to say she wont lie to the american people

clinton says shes never lied

clinton faces tough questions on wall street speeches

hillarys barking episode and great clinton recession

More ready for Kwan than Clinton

a federal judge on tuesday ruled that

dishonest socialist lead reactions dems

mcknight sanders hillary

a bad day for hillary clinton in federal court

us usa election clinton emails

another hillary heckling from blm

gee, maybe start by telling your wife to stop

mrs clinton show voters those transcripts

trump racist poll slavery yougov economist upshot column

hillary apologizes for stigmatizing generations of young black men as superpredators

state dept. releases 800 new clinton emails

the five must read emails of the latest clinton email dump

you read it here first

media pundits often fail disclose financial ties hillary clinton

why robert kagans decision to endorse hillary clinton is both premature and wrong

libya isis hillary clinton

exclusive carson campaign hillarys dow chemical scandal is washington run amok

ed schultz crushes longtime clinton

hillary clinton libya

groundwork eric schmidt startup working for hillary clinton campaign

clinton on libya too soon to tell everyo

on this day in history february 29 2008

hillary clinton donald trump general election

clinton camp to hold fundraiser with wall st and big pharma lobbyists

new york times paints devastating picture hillary clintons foreign policy incompetence

will 2016 contest be between nevertrump and neverhillary voters

Justice Dept. grants immunity to staffer who set up Clinton email server.

state dept releases personnel file for hillarys private server technician

clinton takes aim at another government watchdog

Libyan War Emerges to Haunt 2016 Presidential Campaign

ny times report debunks severity of emailgate with classic clintonian wordsmithing

Hillary Clinton promises bottom UFO mystery elected maybe send task force alleged alien prison Area 51

release of clinton documents delayed after state department discovers thousands of unsearched records

hillary and the law

here are the 23 classified memos sidney blumenthal sent to hillary clinton

claim hillary grand jury looking into political corruption

source clinton it specialist revealing server details to fbi devastating witness

hillary has an nsa problem

the xx committee hillary emailgate reader

lt general ret mike flynn why hillary clinton should suspend her presidential bid

hillary called obama a joke at lunch with pals book

chelsea my mom may use executive action to fix obamacare crushing costs

Hillary ignored mandatory annual classified info security update briefings

hillarys server tech guy brought in as political appointee

147 fbi agents involved in clinton email probe

investors business daily huffpo columnist agree hillary should

Titles of Nobility: candidates for public office should enjoy special legal protections

why do the clintons have 5 shell companies in delaware

obamas latest view on secrecy overlooks past prosecution of leaks

media silent hillarys banking scam

read the radical resume of tom perez possible hillary vp

the hillary speech issue no one is talking about assignment of income

hacker guccifer i got inside hillary clinton s server

clintons crimes and comeys choice

libya five years later

flashback hillarys first email scandal project x

hillarys problem of insularity

how emailgate weakened americas national security

hillarys scripted san diego speech earned 2 votes for bernie sanders

clintons university problem laureate education lawsuits present problem for clintons

tell all book reveals hillarys erratic uncontrollable ways in the white house

hillarys for national security positions scam

shock video 2004 elizabeth warren describes hillary as a corporate donor puppet

clinton says radical islamism fueled orlando massacre


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