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Saturday, May 28, 2005


This article does a good job of nailing down one of the major problems in Mexico that leads to more immigration here. What I don't buy is that money will solve the problem. I think we should try the solutions offered by Hernando DeSoto first.


Blogger Dave Meleney said...

The article you link to focuses on the wage differential driving immigration from Mexico and asks some very pertinent questions.

Unfortunately it advocates big tax increases for Mexico and that would do for them what FDR did for us when he doubled American taxes and turned a recession into the great depression.

It also advocates we send $20 billion in US funds per year to Mexican gov officials... as if that money would get past the kleptocrats and benefit the working folk we are all worried about.

If you want monies to get to working folk in Guatemala and Mexico hire one of the guys down on Broadway to fix your patio or sod your lawn or re-roof your house.

From "Marginal Revolution" which is just the best blog in the universe:
"How generous is the United States?
Immigration and remittances are the most effective welfare programs ever devised. Anyone who claims to speak for the world's poor should embrace them. Here are some relevant facts:

1. Total remittances around the world are now about $80 billion a year, twice the amount of so-called "foreign aid," which often goes to corrupt governments, not poor citizens.

2. Remittances are now ten times the amount of net private capital flows, after adjusting for profit repatriation and interest payments.

3. Mexicans working in the United States send back home $20 billion every year. This sum is twice the value of Mexico's agricultural exports, and over a third more than tourist revenue.

All the figures are from the November/December issue of Foreign Policy"

btw: have you noticed that the most prestigious magazine in the world.... "Foreign Policy" is immensely more freedom-friendly than it used to be?

2:27 PM  
Blogger David Aitken said...

I suggested in my remarks that sending money was NOT the answer and that we should try the solutions offered by Hernando DeSoto first.

I haven't read and don't know anything about "Foreign Policy Magazine". I'll have to look it up.

4:52 PM  

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