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Monday, September 05, 2005

Dr Demarche

is back and speaking sense that libertarians would do well to heed.

I have stated many, many times on this blog that I do not believe that terrorism comes from poverty- but I do believe that some crime does. Illegal immigration comes to mind for starters. Reduce the poverty at home and fewer people will flee. What you might ask, is the simplest of methods to achieve this goal? I am glad you asked. Here is my very simplified answer: free trade and the reduction or elimination of subsidies at home. This is where the Libertarian in me comes out- even more so when I travel in the Third World. I understand that we can not simply fling open our markets any more so than we can simply fling open our borders- but we can and indeed should, spend our aid dollars in such a way that will allow us over time to reduce barriers and tariffs as well as lower or end subsidies at home.

The Libertarian Party has for far too long been trying to sell libertopia to the voters. After 35 years we should learn that it doesn't work. It's unrealistic, and the voters know it's unrealistic.


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