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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Climate Change

prager university videos about the environmental scam from beginning to end

Milankovitch cycles

violating the norms and ethos of science

What happened sun Solar activity remains quietest century trigger mini ice age

climate alarmists caught being hypocrites about big oil money

400,000 years of climate change

the paris climate deal wont even dent global warming

did global warming slow down in the 2000s or not

mann splaining the pause

climate models botch another prediction

the eu cant keep its climate promises

a sure sign of warmism in decline yale closing down its climate and energy institute

carbon dioxide taxes are scams

judge orders white house to stop hiding its bogus global warming proof

falling sea level

climate change models wrong predicting rain drough

where are americas drowned cities

climate change lobby wants to kill free speech

new theory may help explain global warming pause

gore ten years later

an inconvenient review after 10 years al gores film is still alarmingly inaccurate

third becomes 97 percent bald faced lie changed western world

climate models dont work

why the sun going blank means a game of thrones like winter is coming

are scientists preparing for a flipflop back to global cooling predictions

the climate police crack up those exxon

targeting climate speech colorado group strikes back as liberal ags stumble

do 97 climate scientists really agree

here spot cmere spot by stephanie osborn

prominent russian scientist we should fear a deep temperature drop not catastrophic global warming


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