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Sunday, March 06, 2016


donald trump supporters racist poll yougov economist column

rotherham gang sentenced to 102 years in prison for abusing young girls

world without fathers

vexing backlash over gender issue

academia is losing its mind

the Oscars aren't racist; they're stuck in the past

the american education system gave birth to bernie sanders

prepare to be called 'racist'

Race seals the class deal

democratic congresswoman african american supreme court clarence thomas doesnt count

harris perry throws away tv career petulantly plays race card from bottom of the deck


Oscars hypocrisy

former top deputy at consumer bureau quietly joins capital

a challenge to our beliefs

prepare to be assimilated

louisiana sheriff who called gang members animals gets the axe

only one man can stop the GOP from breaking apart

new tone comedy central host fantasizes about murdering trump

why evelyn waugh became a female

it was turnabout tailor made to delight

last chance for America?

donald trump is the beta test of a cure for the revolt of the elites

role playing

what campus crybully wars are really about

europe still in denial about migrant crisis

portland homelessness

bleak reality of single parent households

how the west ends?

riggered protester pours bottle of urine on lauren southern because she was winning debate

bdsm sex ban is constitutional

sensitivity fascists are turning colleges into day care centers

men and women of iron

death by dems

backlash over caitlyn jenners cruz support proves leftists are the real bigots

why are liberal run institutions such hotbeds of racism and sexism

blue collar blues

president obama always go to the funeral

hwange national park to slaughter african lions due to lack of hunters

bart not homeless shelter

movies and art - where have all the people gone

is true greatness becoming extinct

7 harsh realities life millennials need understand

cloud people and ground people


silicon valley philanthropists are successful capitalists

gotham embraces insanity

an avoidable catastrophe

what if obama did what trump does?

donald trump rhetoric black lives matter just bad

how democrats abandoned the working class and spurred rise to donald trump

the resentment powering trump

millennials are who we thought they were

trans forming public spaces

a splendid rant about trump clinton american republic ides march

say where is the african american revolt against democrats

stabbing surge stumps nyc police sows fear among residents

David Brooks is clueless


black exodus chicago

swedish city cancels earth hour without lights electricity because of rape risk

festering ferguson effect

of pigpens and paradise

illegals held in vicious framingham rape

undocumented are running amok with no recourse

Are There Conservative TV Shows?

What David Brooks Wrote About Trump Could Be Just As Easily Said of Obama.

left wing protesters brought mob violence

Dear Snowflakes, here’s what oppression REALLY looks like

why its time for a trump revolution

ideologies consequences

mind left insider

donald trump political establishment elites tea party bourgeois working class

criminal blockades are now apparently the norm at trump rally protests

should conservatives lead secret lives

trumpism america s berlusconi moment

astonishingly the establishment losers have learned nothing

core education

portrait of a hispanic Trump voter

larry wilmore attempts to understand a group of black donald trump supporters

student cleared of sex assault charges sues for malicious prosecution

why donald trump

epa execs rely on private emails to talk with lobbyists

boarding the right train

a mad and holy week

is trump americas berlusconi

belgium my country is in denial

google doesn't do Easter

what easter google ignores holiday instead commemorates cesar chavez

gone to texas

hand writing

How the G.O.P. Elite Lost Its Voters to Donald Trump

bho whats in a name

potus 45 apology tour

low information deserve to die yeah right sorry but i voted for trump and i went to stanford

victimhood culture at emory

how the government stole sex

the culture that created donald trump was liberal not conservative

harry reid accused of telling candidate to stand down because a muslim cant win

german railway launches gender segregated carriages in wake of sex attacks

the human condition

the battle for the bathrooms

the revolt of the public and the rise of donald trump

tragic night

i was a closeted christian at the pentagon

crowds on demand

reporter has some tough questions for paypal ceo after he pulls out of nc over new trans bathroom law

next potus will be hated

brilliant bill whittle on cultural appropriation

german justice minister maas slammed over proposed sexist advert ban

white elites versus white working class

time travelers

who are the alt right and what do they want

why are american jews so liberal sarah silvermans sister has some answers

Black students blame America for black girl who attacked white guy with dreadlocks

dictatorship of the dimwits


bernie sanders army of deadbeats can bring conservatives together again

resolving the contradiction of progressivism


great equalizer

pope francis reneges on offer to take in christian refugees

how democrats win debates by corrupting

the number of middle aged whites killing themselves has soared


16 pro lgbt businesses that operate in countries with poor human rights records

what is human

asylum seeker confesses in court to raping boy at vienna pool

swedens greens deny claims party has been infiltrated by islamists

the infantile left

the surprising weakness of invincible institutions

relax its ok for cheerleaders to look hot

how trump can win the black vote to win the election

voting for free soup

espn home some biggest racists sports


the broken windows theory of public bathrooms and gender identity


government complexity entrenched special interests illinois puerto rico venezuela column

donald trump his supporters

collapse civilizations us decentralize institutions special interest


campuses unsafe at any price

why is there political stability because most voters dont think like paul krugman

memorialize stonewall by remembering it

did we waste the 90's?

christian principal goes into exile public education

obama administration to issue decree on transgender access to school restrooms

the amazing 1969 prophecy

isis uses nitric acid kill torture citizens mosul

the educational beatdown


welcome to the one true church of victimology

mediocre expectations

donald trump politically correct speech codes

a destiny beyond the crab bucket

the seven broken guardrails of democracy

Welcome to Swedenistanand have a lousy day

aclu leader quits after daughters encounter men in the womens restroom

utah high school biology test asks students if mother should have an abortion


city streams miserable music to discourage lavator

in between

yes we can blame rape victims specific circumstances

trump and democratic political incorrectness

mcdonalds community centers us physical social networks

Liberals, Want Trump to Win? Keep Calling Him Racist

Erratum to “Correlation not Causation: The Relationship between Personality Traits and Political Ideologies”

why intelligence talent and charisma are vastly overrated

establishment hillary clinton bernie sanders donald trump revolution

campus drunk confidential rape

Vote Fraud

vote fraud news

report judge unimpressed by obama dojs dive on non citizen voting

obama administration enabling noncitizen voting

noncitizen voting case doj rebuked

dem turnout and voter id the dirty little secret

democrats and the new jim crow

chaos new york polls brooklyn poll worker caught committing probable voter fraud felony

man admits voting kansas colorado same election

kentucky is just one of several states investigating voter fraud

cbs2 investigation uncovers votes being cast from grave year after year

californias election news msm isnt reporting

california refuses to admit its voter fraud problem


how the p c police propelled donald trump

the reason im anti anti trump

it has come to this

trump on trump

ted cruz cheats at golf


okay heres another trump video you need to watch

in his own words

sasse will campaign rubio cruz and possibly others

the art of the insult and power why cant trump handle megyn kelly

tomorrows debate trump takes his marbles and goes home

the trump way phony vander plaats

make the great society great again

trumps skeletons are outside the closet

donald trump wanted vets kicked off fifth avenue

who are trumps supporters and what do they want

exclusive byron york interviews donald trump

donald trump loves the regular folk unless their homes happen to stand in trumps way

robert reich endorses ted cruz

the resistible rise of donald trump

trump hillary crony capitalist

in under 90 seconds sen ben sasse defines conservatism

the necessity of the donald

capital hill/is felipe calderon working for donald trump

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are offering fantasy politics to fix Obamas America

donald trump new hampshire win results exit polls

trumps america

the surprising breadth of donald trumps appeal

stop applying a different standard to donald trump

no joke trump can win plenty of latinos

the pro trump defense of his attack on george bush last night brilliant strategic move to appeal to the middle

donald trump 2016 authoritarian

is donald trump a leftist in disguise

dear republican voters do you really want donald trump choosing the next supreme court justices

a vote for Bernie is a vote for Trump

more trump lies that big media wont mention

donald trump voter history

dear trump supporters with new info available its okay to change your minds

donald trump conventional democrat

donald trump has invented a new way to win

in all the tumult i forgot about this probable lie of trumps

trump 2000 saddam has wmd and we may need to take him out

a person who thinks only about building

trump ill be neutral on israel and palestine

trump says very secret papers may show the saudis knocked down world trade center

trump dodges when pressed on his 2000 claim

trump is for whatever works for trump

Yes Trump Can Win November And Here s How

trump for president and national talk show host

why aren't Republicans torching Trump over 'Bush lied'?

yeah i guess so donald trump supported invading iraq in 2002

case trump trump has balls voters balls

what was trump actually saying about daca or was he saying anything about it

donald trump bernie sanders radicals hijacking mainstream

trump class republican fishtown belmont

donald trump white working class rust belt voters elections

trump nemesis gop republican party

one month ago trump certain rubio eligible today not so much

primary 2016 the pause that refreshes

donald trump global bully

a federal judge on tuesday ruled that

hey lets give trump the power of the presidency

unpacking Trump's appeal

nevada republican caucus results

trump a fraudster an authoritarian a liar and a despot in waiting

your anti trump links for february 24 2016

what kind of evangelicals are backing donald trump

chuck todd its not medias job vet trumps past

bernie supporters hatred of work is why trump supporters are so mad

if we can't have SMOD, he's the next best thing

well well well that was quite a slugfest

al sharpton might get out of here if trump wins

trump racist poll slavery yougov economist upshot column

trump wants to open up libel laws to easily sue media

the age of trump

anti donald trump ads

Trump: open up libel law, sue media for anything

the trump university scam

want proof that trumps a tyrant you got it

tama starr ugly art trump deals

super tuesday has rubio hurt cruz not trump

did trump bankroll planned parenthood abortionists

is trump trying to avoid offending white supremacists

compare how donald trump and ronald reagan responded to being endorsed by white supremacists

trump tower was built on undocumented immigrants backs

republican senator announces he will not support trump even if he is the nominee

former sen coburn joins the marco rubio endorsement avalanche

Trump secretly told NYT what he thinks about immigration

memo to the trumpeters

Ben Sasse to Trump supporters

the die hard republicans who say nevertrump

trump aims to win south with appeals to racist whites

trump admits times report says status of illegals is negotiable

putins rasputin endorses trump

maybe what explains trump is sleep

everything trump says is a lie including and and the

hillary waits to eviscerate trump with a parade of his victims

six reasons trump still better clinton

21 questions for donald trump

networks devote over 62 percent super tuesday eve coverage trump

last chance for America?

giving Trump the business

flip flop on syrian immigrants within 24 hours is just flexibility says trump

republican primary tv news donald trump celebrity

another reversal from trump this time about giving illegal orders to the military

sympathy for the donaldites

a message from trumps america

the rise of trump brought to you by the decay of americas institutions

the resentment powering trump

a splendid rant about trump clinton american republic ides march

arizona trump protesters shut down

why its time for a trump revolution

donald trump political establishment elites tea party bourgeois working class

criminal blockades are now apparently the norm at trump rally protests

larry wilmore attempts to understand a group of black donald trump supporters

donald trump con man

How the G.O.P. Elite Lost Its Voters to Donald Trump

some of my best friends are trump supporters

did trump mean for his campaign to succeed

the revolt of the public and the rise of donald trump

what happens now

donald trump campaign staff disarray

trump the fabulous wheeler dealer hirer of the best and smartest people who know how to work the system whines its unfair when he fails to successfully wheel and deal and work the system

donald trump foreign policy incoherent shallow

consider these

trump taps clinton donor national finance chair

is donald trump a security risk

andrew sullivans blind spot

spies worry candidate trump will spill secrets

campaign funding hypocrisy obama and trump

heres a platform donald trump and paul ryan can agree on

Saturday, March 05, 2016


how modern sweden profits success its free market history

martin luther king on marxism

for venezuela the end is near someone tell bernie

venezuela is on the brink of a complete economic collapse

the medias blindness to bernies socialist extremism is telling

sugar daddy sanders and the power of socialism

protected by the connected at the expense of poor and middle class

bernie is brainwashing our youth

5 reasons socialism is inferior to capitalism

Venezuela's black economic magic

branco cartoon you didnt build that

why i cant be a socialist

young people and socialism

growing popularity and folly of Bernie Sanders' socialism

WAPO columnist - Trump's rise explains how Hitler came to power

why socialism failed

bernie sanders 2016 socialism

authentic rebellion

the vanity and horror of Venezuelan socialism

garry kasparov on the collapse of the soviet union

bernie sanders democratic socialism

chart no minimum wage supporting socialist wants you see

if sweden and germany became us states they would be among poorest states

sons of liberty vs national front

socialism has created humanitarian disaster venezuela

leftist professor fired by leftist university for threatening leftist press at leftist rally blames conservatives

garry kasparov hey bernie don t lecture me about socialism i lived through it

mind left insider

socialist or fascist

oh good were arguing whether marxism works

obamas solar energy socialism

Is government ever big enough

bill whittle on how to convert people to the freedom agenda

the suicide of venezuela

venezuela economic food crisis meals

vietnam ruled by communists for 40 years is now the no 1 fan of capitalism on the planet

reflections venezuela's economic miracle

dying infants and no medicine inside venezuelas failing hospitals

venezuela is falling apart

No electricity no antibiotics no beds no soap devastating look inside Venezuela s crisis struck hospitals 7 babies die day bleeding patients lie strewn floor doctors try operate without tools

the tragedy of democratic socialism

venezuelan apocalypse some updates on the epic failure of socialism in oil rich venezuela

meltdown in venezuela the anatomy of a monstrously unique economic basket case

sugar shortage in venezuela forces coca cola to stop production

venezuela where hamburger officially $170

socialist venezuela goes bust

venezuela economic government collapse

venezuela collapses colombia rises

socialisms bloody history shows millennials should think twice before supporting it

venezuela hugo chavez socialism bernie sanders elections

democratic socialism 21st century socialism or how a bus driver can steer a country

as hunger mounts venezuelans turn to trash for food

Nightmare in the workers paradise

venezuela slums turning against maduro

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Supreme Court

flashback senate democrats in 1960 pass resolution against election year supreme court recess appointments

2016 now replacing scalia

could Obama make a recess appointment to replace scalia?

scalias passing reminder stakes

Is a recess appointment to the Court an option?

first president in us history to have voted to filibuster a supreme court nominee now hopes for

reform the Supreme Court nomination process

gop must stand firm

who should nominate the next supreme court justice

the Senate's role isn't "advice and rubber stamp"

the true meaning of justice scalia

obama compiles shortlist gay transsexual abortion

liberals react to Scalia's death

joe biden in 1987 president should weigh the senate s prevailing views about high court

despite full life justice scalia died prematurely least one measure

schumer dont use my 2007 speech to justify blocking obama nominee

ted kennedys america

the court controversy not unprecedented

president obama refuses to attend scalia funeral

obama now regrets his 2006 alito filibuster white house says

hillary gop racist for opposing obama on scalia replacment

for obama appointing supreme court

new york times 1987 party won senate has every right resist

replacing a justice shouldn t be so excruciating

required an originalist to replace scalia no matter who is elected

6 prominent Democrats and 3 black civil rights activists

scaliagate at georgetown law the conservatives strike back

republicans win nino

10 times democrats vowed to block republican court nominees

confirmation fights got bitter because government got bigger

liberal lawyer who clerked for scalia sings his praise

hey gop senators this is it no hearings no votes

game over joe biden says in 1992 that the president shouldnt name a scotus nominee once the political season is underway

video obama cracks joke about scalias death

biden walks back 1992 supreme court remark

antonin scalias enemies only prove his greatness

democrats struggle to explain past statements on supreme court vacancies

GOP Senators Say Obama Supreme Court Pick Will Be Rejected

GOP Judiciary: No hearing on Obama court nominee

how biden killed john robertss nomination in 92

only eight justices so what


trust us with more data say government agencies hacked 16 year old

OPM tech head resigns before having to testify

hillary emails state discussed cooperating increased investment with muslim brotherhood government

the war against cash part iii

cops getting free license plate readers exchange 25 take all driver data vigilant can slurp

surprise nsa data will soon routinely be used for domestic policing that has nothing to do with terrorism.single

5 major hospital hacks horror stories from the cyber security frontlines

lockpickers 3 d print tsa luggage keys leaked photos

security slips at ny federal building in city where isis attack was recently thwarted

the timing of the brussels attack

lets say the belgian government knew an attack would be coming at the airport what should they have done

la me ln flight attendant lax cocaine

regarding terrorism its time to take off the pc gloves

intel analysts we were punished for telling the truth about obama s isis war

amid shocking chinese spy case our navy can no longer be trusted

obamas latest view on secrecy overlooks past prosecution of leaks

present at the destruction

your devices latest feature they can spy your every move

security news week fbi gets creative avoid disclosing 1m iphone hack

the double standard of donald and the spies

clintons crimes and comeys choice

earnest wouldnt be fair for rhodes to testify before gops who lied about iran deal

how emailgate weakened americas national security

clinton donor sensitive intelligence board

orlando nightclub shooting omar mateen islam terrorism

five ways political correctness kills americans

the road to orlando

im the shooter its me gunman called local tv station during attack station says

twa 800 the great untold story of our time

mateens father the nightclubs sort of at fault here too you know

failure to connect the dots on mateen

vladimir putin has everything he needs to blackmail hillary clinton

one woman s case proves it s basically impossible to get off the no fly list

Ruling Class

americas ruling class and perils revolution

down with safety

donald trump is the beta test of a cure for the revolt of the elites

donald trump killed the gop here s how republicans can bring it back to


for many fathers in prison child support becomes a crushing debt

you know how this prosperity was achieved we let it happen

Tuesday, March 01, 2016


about that christie rubio flap last saturday

rubio and fiorina make dems justify own pro abortion extremism

my private marco

heres that analysis of the christie rubio bout blow by blow but its applicable to arguments in general

marco rubio redeems himself

we're all in this together

darko marco miami herald headline about rubio causes double takes

rubio affirms hell end obamas executive amnesty univision interview mistranslated

rubio needs a breakthrough very soon

one month ago trump certain rubio eligible today not so much

how the rubio camp sees a path to the nomination from here

refuting the lies about cruz told by rubio and his supporters

cruz told the truth rubio could have done more to defund planned parenthood

can we stop the rubio cruz mutually assured destruction

well well well that was quite a slugfest

former sen coburn joins the marco rubio endorsement avalanche

in florida state house rubio produced real conservative accomplishments

Minimum Wage

Walmart bails on DC

minimum wage effect seattle area restaurant jobs have fallen 900 this year vs 6200 food jobs in rest of state

the unacceptable employment trade off

retailers like walmart make location decisions based on labor costs

will higher california minimum wages lead to more automation

disastrous new urban agenda

hiring slowed where minimum wage surged in 2015

evidence mounts minimum wage hikes cost jobs

what if we confiscated the compensation for all sp 500 ceos

early evidence suggests that seattles radical experiment might be a model for the rest of the nation not to follow

talia leave your heart in san francisco your job is moving to arizona

one of the best minimum wage cartoons ever

seattles 15 minimum wage is driving our restaurant out of business

france riots over proposed increase to 35 hour work week

Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions

amazon sees no gender pay gap among its employees

ca lawmakers unions play lets make a deal to avoid ballot battle

minimum wage hikes and businesses to re engineer labor force some say

blue contradictions coming to the fore

the left lets the veil drop minimum wage

swedens unmanned convenience store

70 tries after seattle raised its minimum wage i still cant find a job

california labor union that fought for 15 minimum wage now wants an exemption

minimum wage new york hourly workers opportunity white castle

i want fast food workers to make 15 an hour

minimum wage roundup

minimum wage maximum ignorance

how the minimum wage helped wreck puerto ricos economy

californias 15 minimum wage hike costs uc berkeley jobs

the new minimum wage

Missouri McDonald's offer bottomless french fries menu

minimum wage hike kills popular upstate ny eatery

uc berkeley touts 15 minimum wage law then fires hundreds of workers after it passes

behold the end result of minimum wage laws edition

former mcdonalds ceo warns jobs will go to robots under 15 minimum

minimum wage increases have unintended secondary consequences that proponents never thought of

d.c. council approves 15 minimum wage

minimum wage vs the carwashero

minimum wage maximum mess in oregon

Media Bias

2nd amendment google "gun control" + lies environment + lies + "scare tactics"

gun control lies

10 things reporters wont tell you

media bias in two pictures

just the NBC double standard

twitter gearing interfere election

stop applying a different standard to donald trump

culture club

the liars poker school of journalism

ap strikes again photo bias rusted ted cruz

arko marco miami herald headline about rubio causes double takes

rubio affirms hell end obamas executive amnesty univision interview mistranslated

is twitter silencing conservatives

did twitters orwellian trust and safety

after provoking trump supporters media complains about name calling

video yeah im with the media screw you

chuck todd its not medias job vet trumps past

The Twitter police Conservatives not welcome

networks silence dismissal much hyped perry indictment

If we can't have SMOD, he's the next best thing

media pundits often fail disclose financial ties hillary clinton

vice chair tulsi gabbard resigns dnc ap buries news timeline

new york times cant stand that charter schools succeed so it must try to destroy them

the new republics new owner covered up the fact that oregons governor was a rapist

Justice Thomas asks questions court 1st time 10 years


larry wilmore fantasizes about killing donald trump with antonin scalias pillow

new tone comedy central host fantasizes about murdering trump

WAPO says Trump like Hitler


ted cruz mocks stephanopoulos hillary your former boss

rethinking the big short

networks devote over 62 percent super tuesday eve coverage trump

will 2016 contest be between nevertrump and neverhillary voters

desperately seeking islamophobia

assassinate trump violent threats go unchecked on twitter

cnn host d l hughley republicans literally look nazi germany

comedian cnn host kkk core republican party

top abc boss bob iger george stephanopoulos unbiased person integrity

republican primary tv news donald trump celebrity

how Trump plays the media

what happens to journalists when no one wants to print their words anymore

journalists deserve most blame newsroom shrinkage

youtube terminates pal media watch channel documenting palestinian incitement

Les Moonves exposes the Trump media game

nyts baquets refusal to investigate leak of trump off the record comments reeks of cover up

msnbc reporter no idea shes live post debate interview

punching back twice as hard

sally kohn trump will institute internment camps la nazi germany

david brooks likens support for cruz to being a promiscuous drunk at closing time

washington post ran 16 negative stories bernie sanders 16 hours

carls jr headquarters moving calif nashville orange county register

Why all presidents should be Republican

Substitution game

the death of the fourth estate

abc cbs nbc univision censor el chapo weapon being linked fast and

penalty flag ny times caught stealth editing clintonesque trash talk

how donald trump bent television to his will

Former WAPO legend Carl Bernstein inadvertently explains Trump's rise

the very short unhappy msnbc career of stephanie cutter

out with the old in with the same old

my question to the msm concerning the ted cruz national enquirer story

3 problems with media coverage of attacks on heidi cruz

What Happens to Journalists When No One Wants to Print Their Words Anymore?

10 best occupy cnn tweets from bernie sanders supporters

maureen dowd to trump have you ever asked a woman to get an abortion

hillary clinton refers to fetus as an unborn person


palin media bias azealia banks

media silent hillarys banking scam

poll vast majority americans dont trust news media

dopey reporting is the real colorado gop delegate story

climate change lobby wants to kill free speech

MSNBC ignores Chris Matthews' wife losing her congressional race

mexican flag waving anti free speech thugs riot outside trump rally in so cal

consider these

ted cruz calls out liberal media trump bias meet press

paper that couldnt be bothered to report local police misconduct fires off editorial insulting writer who actually did

surprise facebook blacklists trending topics and conservative news outlets

facebook admits to censoring conservative websites while freely promoting left wing ones

cnns banfield misinforms viewers nc bathroom law

BEN RHODES SAYS OTHERWISE. Obama hammers Trump: Presidential Race ‘not a reality show’


nicholas kristof at nyt calls out



FUNNY, I DON’T RECALL SIMILAR HEADLINES REGARDING THE WAPO AND KERRY, OBAMA AND HILLARY: Washington Post assigns army of 20 to dig into ‘every phase’ of Trump’s life.

media want to make sure you never hear about the little sisters of the poor

katrina what the media missed


katie couric documentary edits gun activists remarks


donald trump imperial presidency obama executive action order power


he was expendable

mainstream media sacrifices debbie wasserman schultz to appease sanders supporters

update couric takes responsibility inaccurate edit under gun film

katie couric accepts blame for misleading edit in gun documentary

breaking epix pulls katie courics fraudulent documentary gun


10 times facebook censored conservatives

state department admits tampering with video of tough fox news question

why trumps attacks on the media work every time


jake tapper demands accountability from state dept will msm follow

muhammad ali the nation of islam and our national concussion

univision television network boasts it helped elect obama

californias election news msm isnt reporting

austin bay takes on media and government liars

trump and democratic political incorrectness

detroit paper gop sew them bag rabid animals and drown them

a new couric editing scandal and an attempt to cover it up

katie couric gun documentary likely violated federal law

facebook admits rogue employees may have shown bias

katie couric gun documentary lie

google appears to be manipulating search results to help hillary clinton

MICKEY KAUS: “My theory: MSM terrified Orlando attack will produce Trump lead.