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Monday, May 30, 2005

Protecting Iraqi oil

Max Borders, writing in the second issue of The New Libertarian suggests that one way to reduce the violence in Iraq would be to create a property right in the uninterrupted flow of oil through a section of pipe. These property rights would be auctioned to people living near the pipeline who would then have an incentive to protect it from sabotage.


Blogger Dave Meleney said...

Wouldn't it be a lot more powerful to just give every Iraqi citizen shares in the Iraqi National Oil Company?

Most Iraqis and most people in the world still believe we are there at least partly to grab the oil. With a trillion dollars in oil... who can blame them? And with such a huge stash on the poker table, why are we surprised that terrorists can get funding to keep their hand in the game for years on end?

How can libertarians take the Bushies seriously when they say this war is about freedom... and yet we haven't done the most basic things to get the Iraqi people on our side and to show that we are not there to steal their oil? I know of one regular at the Saturday libertarian breakfast who has often said WE SHOULD TAKE THIER OIL BECAUSE WE NEED IT.

20 million Iraqi adults with shares in a $1 trillion pot of oil...would put a serious rooting interest in the checkbook of everyone ($1T/20M =$50,000 a piece). Don't you want Iraqis to be watching the evening news to see how their oil shares did today? And finking on anyone who is blowing stuff up?

"Citizen ownership" is how Thatcher privatized British housing and how Deng privatized Chinese farms... what the heck are we waiting for?

When you see Bush has out-grown Clinton's last budget by one third in just 5 years are you sure he believes in the freedom and Christianity he claims to so fervently believe in? How come he seldom goes to church then?

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