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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


St Louis takes number one spot FBI s violent cities state


muggings in San Francisco ‘happen to everyone’

some us cities have higher gun violence than entire nations check this map

List of countries by firearm related death rate

the us is no in gun violence is it

cdc study ordered by obama contradicts white house anti gun narrative

chaos set to return to big apple streets

how to run a drug cartel

gotham embraces insanity

stabbing surge stumps nyc police sows fear among residents

undocumented are running amok with no recourse

obama crime wave comes to minnesota

no greater tyranny

colorado campus carry 12 years no mass shootings no crimes by permit holders

if anything we have under incarceration

7 more crime stories

study learns chicago criminals dont buy their guns legally

irs tea party harassment

politifact misses story of the year

convicted and unemployed

another mass shooting by an illegal immigrant whod been deported multiple times

what to say when the police tell you to stop filming them

baltimore after freddie gray fewer cops more murders

roadside drug tests faulty misunderstood antiquated popular ever

black lives dont matter

what dallas pd does right and why doing those things could now be more difficult

how many people have to die because of the blacklivesmatter movement

are blacks disproportionately involved in police shootings

the statistics behind gun violence mass

booker t washington controversial then controversial now

our legal order frays

chicago brink

not white problem


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