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Friday, February 26, 2016


james okeefes common core videos are just the tip of the iceberg

bernie sanderss single payer health care plan education teachers

detroit public school teacher sick out underway while just 8 of students can read proficiently

how we lost our cultural literacy

georgia legislator adopt due process protections or forget about your budget

if you major in stem it doesnt matter where you go to college

teachers union bankrupting chicago schools

federal student aid not faculty salaries is primary driver of escalating tuition

do government handouts push college costs higher

homeschooling socialization and the new groupthink

Harvard med students demand more diversity, but no more Asians please

university california santa barbara student op ed feminist stabbing threat

broken backgrounding system lets teachers flee troubled pasts

Rubio - poor schools - Harlem Children Zone

lying to new yorks parents about soaring school violence

democrats want to play politics with education jobs in maryland

schoolwork advocacy place strain on student activists

Free range education Why the unschooling movement is growing

sweet sorrows

homework interfering with activism

ten worst colleges for free speech

Dr Click terminated for conduct not compatible with university policies

in the name of diversity conservative writers speaking engagement cancelled by college funded with tax-payer dollars

ROTC student banned from starting conservative club, university refuses to say why

chicago state university sends layoff notices to all employees

the american education system gave birth to bernie sanders

new york times cant stand that charter schools succeed so it must try to destroy them

The Long-Run Effects of Disruptive Peers

A Challenge to Our Beliefs


pittsburgh students in tears and feeling unsafe after milo yiannopoulos event

hillary doubles down on k 12 status quo

sensitivity fascists are turning colleges into day care centers

mizzou protests lead to plunge in freshmen massive budget deficits

meet the college president taking on ideological fascism

senator grills acting education secretary over agency overreach

new fiscal year approaches who will fund cunys senior colleges

teachers union attempts to strangle charters

ex bridgewater state president clean up

should conservatives lead secret lives

minorities will suffer when it comes to education (scroll down)

60 american university law professors who condemned anonymous student for posting all lives matter

st paul seeks equity finds chaos

AAUP Slams Education Dept

professor ordered to apologize for conservative blog post or lose his job

176m in wages garnished for unpaid federal student loans in just three months

culture of sensitivity

feds propose to fine schools for not following michelles lunch directives

current former detroit school principals charged

more chaos at chicago public schools

senators want more money for campus sex police

the real victims of political bias on campus

middle school students forced to fill out privilege form

Homeschooled with MIT courses at 5, accepted to MIT at 15

ncaa finds southern mississippi basketball staff committed academic fraud

berkeley will eliminate 500 staff jobs

professional educator grades showing up on time are a form of white supremacy

7-Year-Old Writes Excuse Note, Goes Home From School

christian principal goes into exile public education

the self sabotage of teachers unions

ua hires two diversity officials instead of one

inside the school that abolished the f and raked in the cash

college loan glut worries policy makers

detroit free press editor calls for murder of gop lawmakers

teachers union would rather cover up abuse than protect our kids

college then and now letter to a bright young woman


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