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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Minimum Wage

Walmart bails on DC

minimum wage effect seattle area restaurant jobs have fallen 900 this year vs 6200 food jobs in rest of state

the unacceptable employment trade off

retailers like walmart make location decisions based on labor costs

will higher california minimum wages lead to more automation

disastrous new urban agenda

hiring slowed where minimum wage surged in 2015

evidence mounts minimum wage hikes cost jobs

what if we confiscated the compensation for all sp 500 ceos

early evidence suggests that seattles radical experiment might be a model for the rest of the nation not to follow

talia leave your heart in san francisco your job is moving to arizona

one of the best minimum wage cartoons ever

seattles 15 minimum wage is driving our restaurant out of business

france riots over proposed increase to 35 hour work week

Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions

amazon sees no gender pay gap among its employees

ca lawmakers unions play lets make a deal to avoid ballot battle

minimum wage hikes and businesses to re engineer labor force some say

blue contradictions coming to the fore

the left lets the veil drop minimum wage

swedens unmanned convenience store

70 tries after seattle raised its minimum wage i still cant find a job

california labor union that fought for 15 minimum wage now wants an exemption

minimum wage new york hourly workers opportunity white castle

i want fast food workers to make 15 an hour

minimum wage roundup

minimum wage maximum ignorance

how the minimum wage helped wreck puerto ricos economy

californias 15 minimum wage hike costs uc berkeley jobs

the new minimum wage

Missouri McDonald's offer bottomless french fries menu

minimum wage hike kills popular upstate ny eatery

uc berkeley touts 15 minimum wage law then fires hundreds of workers after it passes

behold the end result of minimum wage laws edition

former mcdonalds ceo warns jobs will go to robots under 15 minimum

minimum wage increases have unintended secondary consequences that proponents never thought of

d.c. council approves 15 minimum wage

minimum wage vs the carwashero

minimum wage maximum mess in oregon


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