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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Health Care

49 of 50 states will see premium hikes 2016

bernie sanderss single payer health care plan education teachers

government health insurance the ultimate sickness

top obamacare horror stories

the downsides of single payer medicine

bernie sanders hellish health care paradise

numerous weaknesses inadequate security settings found in colorado obamacare exchange

after computer hack l a hospital pays 17000 in bitcoin ransom to get back medical records

obamacares dirty little secret subsidies for illegal immigrants

34 doctors nurses at cincinnati va alarmed by cost cutting quality of care

Administration Still Allowing Obamacare Fraud Rip Taxpayers

cut health costs or help workers you can t do both

Illinois Obamacare plan crippled by losses

poll most americans havent directly benefited from obamacare

govt greed docs hospitals may go unpaid in co op flops

even npr agrees that obamacare has failed

montana underestimated medicaid expansion woodwork effect

union officials admit they let veterans die rather than talk to republicans


5 major hospital hacks horror stories from the cyber security frontlines

auditor cms was passive in preventing fraud in administering obamacare

obamacares tax time torment

exclusive even more suicidal vets eloped from phoenix facility va tries to dodge findings

close call va worker reinstated with back pay after missing time due to being in prison for armed robbery

contraceptive mandate obamacare supreme court editorials debates

chelsea my mom may use executive action to fix obamacare crushing costs

little to celebrate on obamacares 6th anniversary

obamacare was going to lower health care costs what actually happened

va falsified vet wait times in 7 states

requiem for a va victim

the 8 obamacare co ops most likely to fail this year

unitedhealth makes good threat pull

va exec tasked with cleaning up book cooking scandal manipulated data in old job

obamacare hits another bump in the road

what caused haiti's cholera epidemic the cdc's museum knows but won't say

feds blow off house subpoena for obamacare co op docs

covered california facing huge computer glitches

obamacare disaster will be obamas enduring domestic legacy

deadly scandal ridden va hospital to get interior designer

nhs uk now has one of the worst healthcare systems in the developed world according to oecd report

every industry gets worse when government gets involved

study finds employers are hiring more freelancers to avoid obamacare

fda wants more lung cancer

feds put credit card felon in charge of major va purchasing program

obamacare insurers considering dumping bronze plans

cancerous nonprofits the monopolization of american health care

sorry we dont take obamacare

attempted fix for va health delays creates new bureaucracy

No electricity no antibiotics no beds no soap devastating look inside Venezuela s crisis struck hospitals 7 babies die day bleeding patients lie strewn floor doctors try operate without tools

new york enters the obamacare death spiral

the va declared thousands of veterans dead even though theyre alive

cash only doctors

colorado single payer and the definition of insanity

the irs warned obama it was illegal to pay obamacare subsidies to insurance companies

texas facing huge obamacare premium hikes

gj insurer pulls out of exchange

It s Time Blame Obamacare Losing So Many Full Time Jobs

goldman sachs obamacare forcing hundreds of thousands into part time work


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