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Friday, February 26, 2016

Foreign Policy

broken windows

obamas foreign policy hell the 1980s just wont stop calling

the russia reset has failed obamas foreign policy is lost

the costs of outsourcing americas foreign policy to iran

american foreign policy military power foundation

syrias bleeding even more thanks to john kerrys peace ploy

mounting evidence putin will ignite wwiii

diplomacy davutoglu signals turkish action after fall of aleppo corridor

the biggest reason to fear economic trouble in china

obamas messy iraq intelligence scandal

a world aflame obama aides debunk the bosss happy talk

top us spy chief china still successful in cyber espionage against us

white houses seven deadly errors

china deploys missiles contested island taiwan

russia wields the kurdish weapon

a disaster called obamas middle east policy

no iran not democracy

Nobel peace prize update

russia putin cold war world war iii syria obama

russia says international meeting for syria cease fire cancelled

Obama could halt new Iran-Russia Weapons Deals

moscow tigris russia joins terror nexus

Nato warns Turkey t count support conflict Russia tensions escalate

america is now fighting a proxy war with itself in syria

Brennan - diversity and inclusion are what we are supposed to do

state dept says it warned about bin laden in 1996

the foreign policy conversation democrats would rather not have

did bush lie about weapons of mass destruction

US Marines pre-positioning tanks, ammo in Norway, US sends 5,000 tons ammo to Germany

beijing hurries to cash in on perceived u-s weakness

how obama lost the mideast to putin

report u-s aircraft carriers unchallenged primacy may be coming to a close

obamas foreign policy now boils down to lets pretend

exclusive china sends fighter jets to contested island in south china sea

the siege of aleppo is an emblem of western failure in syria

liquid freedom sails from texas tilting power in global oil

the autumn leaves

turkey gives up on obama syria deal cease fire war islamic state

Smart Diplomacy!

Where ISIS is doubling

house intel committee pentagon isis files

soldiers of allah pop up in norway to counter soldiers of odin

beijing ups ante

symbolic deterrence

why robert kagans decision to endorse hillary clinton is both premature and wrong

libya isis hillary clinton

clinton on libya too soon to tell

islamic state gets closer to acquiring radioactive dirty bomb

were all muslims deep down says boston police commissioner

new york times paints devastating picture hillary clintons foreign policy incompetence

a deals a deal

terrorists daily part refugee flow into europe nato commander says

northkorea nuclear kim

Libyan War Emerges to Haunt 2016 Presidential Campaign

the market state concept revisited

iaea iran nuke deal limits reporting violations

here are the 23 classified memos sidney blumenthal sent to hillary clinton

us drone strikes kill over 150 al shabab


us commander in africa says libya is a failed state

terrorist stabbings in israel continue

North Korea 'fires short-range missiles'

intel whistle blowers fear government won t protect them

terrorist gunmen kill american and wound 12 in israel families can now be rewarded for martyrdom by iran

Obama and the shaky red line

u n peacekeepers are a sexual menace

christian genocide isis report

Intelligence: Free Range Data Reveals All

source clinton it specialist revealing server details to fbi devastating witness

north korea claims it could wipe out manhattan with a hydrogen bomb

obama doctrine goldberg free rider credibility

house unanimously puts pressure on white house declares killing of christians genocide

CIA ignored intelligence ISIS 2013 halted rise handful recruits Syrian rebel spy chief claims

ralph peters putin now realizes iran a serious threat

former defense secretary says obama went against the entire national security team on egypt coup

kurds to declare federal state northern syria despite challenges

california university stabbing attack was isis inspired fbi

obamas muslim brotherhood egypt policy amateur hour

nest of vipers brussels and the rot at the heart of the eu

US Marines set-up artillery base near Makhmour

more than 200 dissidents rounded up and arrested in cuba one day before obamas arrival

the baltic elves taking on pro russian trolls

obama cuba visit ted cruz

No Doubt About It — We’re Back in a Ground War in Iraq.

axis of evil islamic republic of iran and communist north korea

it is not working president obamas slow

third brussels airport suspect arrested

obama confounds critics and surprises raul castro with his strong defense of democracy in communist cuba

wapo bet you didnt know us has 5000 troops in iraq

obama admin secret talks pay iran 2 billion

Brussels and Iraq: Battlegrounds in the Terrorists' Global War

Belgium attacks renew focus on Europe’s Muslim enclaves.

officials say guantanamo transfers have killed americans

lets say the belgian government knew an attack would be coming at the airport what should they have done

us eases and imposes iran sanctions on same day

britain rocked by revelation of taxpayer funded palestinian terror

europe might be dying

europe is again at war

the new normal is abnormal

how president obama made syria an unfixable quagmire

bloody tide terror deaths increased 8 fold since 2010 says study

regarding terrorism its time to take off the pc gloves

irans next big export

police brussels airport employs at least 50 isis supporters

greece riots break out as refugees set to be deported to turkey

russia nuclear security summit

After boasting for three years that he “ended” the Iraq War, Obama says it was Bush’s fault.

behind closed doors top u s commander frustrated with obama

germany bows to the caliph

army needs 220k more soldiers to deal with major foes milley

terrible things are happening

amid syria war iran arms hezbollah for a deadly conflict with israel uk based research group

the u s is dropping bombs more quickly than it can make them


german army alarmed at growing islamist infiltration as 29 ex soldiers join isis

saudi arabia warns ofeconomic fallout if congress passes 9 11 bill

about obamas receding tide of war

present at the destruction

russia and china rush to fill mideast void left by obama

dod dances around boots on the ground

Abu Sayyaf's Criminal Jihad in the Philippines

natos eastern front is being tested poland warsaw summit

donald trump foreign policy incoherent shallow

minnesota men ready for trial

world war ii amnesia

obama admin dodges congressional inquiry illicit iranian missile tests

iraqi parliament collapses lawmakers flee baghdad

us middle east victory al qaeda

the missing grand strategy

al qaeda is about to establish an emirate in northern syria

obamas foreign policy guru boasts of how the administration lied to sell the iran deal

The Aspiring Novelist Who Became Obama’s Foreign-Policy Guru

obama s foreign policy guru is the blob he hates

the men who would be king

more on the ben rhodes flap

as boyish ben rhodes drops truth bombs obamas media mask drops

libya five years later

time for the miyagi doctrine

u s taxpayers are funding iran s military expansion

us pilots confirm obama admin blocks 75 percent of isis strikes

missiles everywhere


the mind of the president

libya presidential guard armed forces legitimacy


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