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Monday, February 29, 2016


ben carson exposes islamic taqiyya but theres even more you should know

the muslim islamophobes who agree with ben carson

muruna violating sharia to fool the west

islams doctrines of deception

the founders and islam

another history of islam and the crusades

5 critical takeaways from the islamic radicalization report the nypd is deleting from its website

weve got it wrong isis is not the main problem in the middle east

islamization america 2015

video release paris terrorists shown training with isis in syria

french officials isis has a booming fake passport industry

fbi thwarts mass shooting at milwaukee masonic temple

faq for non western immigrants to america

Muslims not like just accept never integrate says former racial equalities chief Trevor Phillips

sweden opened its doors to muslim immigration today its the rape capital of the west japan didnt

man arrested with handgun koran at disneyland paris

muslim migrants not as stupid and simple as politically correct europeans seem to believe

hundreds of rapes hidden by danish police

ashington and eu to israel make the land safe for terror

Organised campaign to hobble anti terror fight

marine vet suing md school system for islamic proselytization

lets play the blame israel game with the new york times

geller europes civil war breaks out the battle for stockholms train station

about that mosque president obama will be visiting

boko haram dalori kill 86 nigeria burn children alive

Al Qaeda militants seize southern Yemeni town

dear american muslims can we have an honest talk

obamas islamophobia

what obamas mosque speech missed islam

dhs ordered me to scrub records of muslims with terror

good news female muslim prof says muslims can rape rob infidel women only in some circumstances

House advances bill forbidding Sharia law as defense in state court

islamism spreads in africa

bible quran violence

maher islamophobic is a word created by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons.


lessons from al capone on countering islamist violence

state dept says it warned about bin laden in 1996

How the feminists 'war against boys' paved the way for islam

how academia whitewashes muslim honor killings

where ISIS is doubling

soldiers of allah pop up in norway to counter soldiers of odin

in moscow muslim nanny beheads 4 year old girl

were all muslims deep down says boston police commissioner

desperately seeking islamophobia

us drone strikes kill over 150 al shabab

trump israel and islam

california university stabbing attack was isis inspired fbi

american is fighter i made a bad decision

misunderstanding islam

JESUS VS. MUHAMMAD!! (Qur'an Challenge II)

radicalization isil islam sacred texts literal interpretation

are we ready for reality after the brussels terror attacks

muslims fear backlash after brussels attack far right anti immigrant sentiment often

brussels terrorist attack jihad everywhere

third brussels airport suspect arrested

molenbeek problem

the timing of the brussels attack

the isis attack you didnt hear about tuesday christian man hacked to death

Europe Is Again at War

how brussels became hub of islamist terror

suicide bomber targets families celebrating easter at lahore park

brussels attacks raids uncover alarming evidence europe wide jihadist cell

obama doubles down on refugee promise

on moderate muslims and the concept of religiosity part i

police brussels airport employs at least 50 isis supporters

the wests war on jihad begins at home

los angeles father shehada issa killed son for being gay

grim life for christians in muslim pakistan


1979 annus horribilis modern jihad goes global

six startling contrasts between the bible and the quran

“Half of British Muslims want gay sex banned, says poll.”

morgan freeman islam aims peace

german army alarmed at growing islamist infiltration as 29 ex soldiers join isis

minneapolis moderate muslim tries to join isis

british muslims survey

Counter-Terrorism: Hiding In Plain Sight

growing number of muslim refugees converting in austria this could be my death sentence

editor lgbt magazine death bangladesh

Abu Sayyaf's Criminal Jihad in the Philippines

minnesota men ready for trial

an unprecedented interview appears in a leading egyptian newspaper

radicalization isil islam sacred texts literal interpretation

good muslims are quietly looking out for all of us

ebay blocks draw mohammed winning cartoon from auction

germany puts sharia police on trial

Muslim savages turn Paris into war zone, again.

Welcome to Swedenistanand have a lousy day

waitress assaulted on french riviera for serving alcohol on firs

Outrage at CNN for biased Tel Aviv terror attack title

minnesota men on trial

mateen never fired because he was muslim claims former coworker

islam homosexuality capital punishment

banning guns and muslims isn't answer orlando

losing our spines to save

milo yianopoulos islam is the problem

im the shooter its me gunman called local tv station during attack station says

debate over radical islam misses key distinction between theocratic and secularized islam

hillary clinton to the gay community you have millions of allies who will always have your back and i am one of them just dont ask me about taking all that money from nations that kill


illegal immigration and the broken windows policy of policing

all you americans are fired

free market way help poor

multi-culturalism reconsidered

cologne attacks grows more complaints filed

Swedish police covered up sexual-assault reports to suppress vote for anti-immigration party

swedish police covered up sexual assaults by refugees for months

eastern europe feels vindicated after cologne attacks

The Arabic gang rape Taharrush phenomenon sees women surrounded groups men crowds sexually assaulted spread Europe

wise and suicidal immigration

german authorities fear repeat of cologne as taharrush comes to europe

swedish police accused covering sex crimes festival

stand by for collision

the u s has a massive asylum fraud problem no one talks about

america used to know how to assimilate immigrants

germany hints pim fortuyn

the deteriorating situation in europe

north africa exports rape culture germany

radical islamists have been crossing u s mexico border for over decade

town bans asylum seekers from pools after spate of harassment

Swedish police stop reporting suspects' ethnicity for fear of being branded racist

Cologne attacks fury migrant sex cover up refugee event groping Germany

calais lockdown after 100s migrants storm uk bound ferry

british left wing group no borders incites refugee violence in calais

pubs and clubs in german town of freiburg forbid refugees

eu in panic as migrant crisis threatens borders

french officials isis has a booming fake passport industry

fbi thwarts mass shooting at milwaukee masonic temple

faq for non western immigrants to america

ap investigation feds failures imperil migrant children

Muslims not like just accept never integrate says former racial equalities chief Trevor Phillips

hundreds of rapes hidden by danish police

senators say hhs handed migrant children to traffickers

government places kids with traffickers of course

Mobs hundreds masked men rampage Stockholm central station beating refugee children

eu leaders dangerous delusions regarding migrant crisis

migrant crisis live wire

200 swedes storm occupied stockholm train station beat migrant children

Migration crisis deepens

geller europes civil war breaks out the battle for stockholms train station

in under 90 seconds sen ben sasse defines conservatism

in finland vigilante groups vow to protect women from migrants

immigration 2016 reform republican debate

they rape kill destroy montanans stage security rally head refugee invasion

border patrol agent we will be terminated if we try to enforce the law

huge anti migrant protests in europe

Iraqi migrant raped 10 year old boy swimming pool Vienna told police sexual emergency hadn t sex months

german feminist welcomes refugees better rapists racists

white flight german families abandoning diverse schools

Five migrants among 7 young men who laughed danced and sang in Arabic as they gang raped unconscious girl of 17

just another day in europe

sweden where starry eyed multi culti generosity meets harsh reality

hhs scraps plan open center migrant kids lakewood

fbi investigates machete attack at israeli owned restaurant in columbus ohio

expert administration tips syrian refugees to scrub facebook to get into u.s.

germany blames cologne sex assaults mostly on refugees

us europe migrants bulgaria

how far does christian duty go

crowd cheers german migrant hostel

report judge unimpressed by obama dojs dive on non citizen voting

obama administration enabling noncitizen voting

Cruz: yes, I'll deport twelve million illegals currently here

Belgium reintroduces border controls with France to prevent influx of Calais migrants

another domino falls in europe

in Europe, the optimism is just overwhelming

the limits of humanity merkel refugee policies have failed

report rubio with schumer urged talk radio fox news to support gang of eight amnesty

san francisco puts sanctuary before funding

ruling class, candidates, immigration

Arab invasion of Europe really Great!

Greece warns that tens of thousands of migrants cannot be bottled up on its territory

europe still in denial about migrant crisis

refugees ask why don t european want us

sons of liberty vs national front jeb kinnison

Is Hillary Clinton for building a wall, or against building a wall?

malkin to pjm i would pick trump over rubio

switzerland campaign ads immigration europe

german report more violence rape theft radicalization likely due to migrant influx

clinton foundation hires h 1b guest workers in place of american graduates

an avoidable catastrophe

illegals held in vicious framingham rape

mom whose son killed in crash with illegal immigrant i back donald trump

guilt and the immigrants

obama doubles down on refugee promise

brussels is what happens when liberals dont push immigrants to integrate

greece riots break out as refugees set to be deported to turkey

two clashes of civilizations

americas federal immigration system fails but one state succeeds

agency encourages illegal immigrant theft of ssns irs chief

paris vicious migrant camp brawl caught on video

cdc secret warning on surge of illegal kids plan on many having tb

ice director admits sanctuary policies put agents at risk but refuses to force cities to scrap them

trump taps clinton donor national finance chair

the border is as porous as the ocean

world europe

dhs moving releasing vanloads of illegal aliens away from border

death of the most generous nation on earth sweden syria refugee europe

us europe migrants germany crime


Sunday, February 28, 2016


least influential people 2015

bill clinton made 8 million speeches companies matters pending hillarys state dept

hillary clintons 13m fail as secretary of state

dont let liberals tell you what you can and cant say about hillary

hillary clinton campaign logos pandering suggestions

heres the bottom line of the hillary e mail dump

donald trump hillary clinton

8 million in bill clintons speaking cash speaks for itself

hillary cant explain the difference between a democrat and a socialist video

bom in newlyreleased email hillary orders aide to strip classified marking

we do know hillary told her daughter

an excellent discussion of latest

America cut him loose

But will DOJ prosecute?

lena dunham just taught conservatives an important lesson about millennials and hillary clinton

tracking the clinton controversies from whitewater to benghazi

thousands of new hillary docs found

fbis clinton probe expands to public corruption track

hillary clintons promise to save obamacare is laughable

emails clinton aides resisted state department suggestion that clinton use state gov account

hillary emails contained info from most secretive sources says inspector general

has clinton normal caught up with hillary

hillary clinton un admits her e mail erro

nobody circles the wagons like the political media

nobody circles the wagons like the political media

peak carly

dont sit on a hot stove till hillary is indicted

why hillarys emailgate matters

two presidential candidates consistent

hillarys emails disqualify her from the presidency

more on hillarys emails

clinton shilling journalists should stop

breaking hillary clinton put spies lives at risk

clinton had plans to use hidden it network to bypass state department rules

a good day in iowa

hmmm kerry sent hillary classified e mail over his private account

an allcaps explosion of feelings regarding the liberal backlash against hillary clinton

why democrats dont have choice hillary clinton

more clinton emails to be labeled top secret lawmaker says

clinton s security clearance is under scrutiny

clinton blasts wall street but still draws millions in contributions

email scandal envelops intelligence agencies

sanders and clinton get substantive that s where they go wrong

clinton email scandal why it might be time for democrats to draft joe biden

hillary and suspension of disbelief

hillary talks about americans theyre peasants

the deceiving of Madeleine Albirght

can we forgive hillary clinton for her past war on video games

pressure on Lynch to step aside in Clinton email probe

rubio and fiorina make dems justify own pro abortion extremism

fbi makes it official hillary rodham clinton is under investigation

democratic party bosses finally figure

obama may be ensnared in the clinton email scandal

citing donations critics say lynch shouldnt decide on clinton probe

this is how hillary clinton gets the coverage she wants

corrupt journalism doesnt pay nor does abetting it

the russia reset has failed obamas foreign policy is lost

emails show how hillary manipulated press

top secret intel handled by at least a dozen of hillarys top aides

hillary clinton does not deserve black peoples votes

watergate reporter vast right wing conspiracy didnt put hillarys server in her damn closet

why hillary wants to bury her rah rah goldman speeches

spillage up to 30 accounts on hillary server interacted with top secret data

sexism has nothing to do with it

exclusive former obama defense intel chief says hillary should step down

the growing stench of Clinton corruption

damn it feels good to be a Clinton

coincidences help hillary clinton in email scandal

hillary dead end campaign

hillary clinton hires woman who thinks

competition black votes sanders clinton offer raw rhetoric race

report hillary unsecured email had info on cia afghan agent

clintons will really try anything false attacks and failed strategies

huma abedin and the tangled clinton web

hillary gop racist for opposing obama on scalia replacment

branco cartoon you didnt build that

a nice long compilation of hillary clinton lies

hillary clinton desperate hypocrite spews word vomit in harlem

hillary refuses to say she wont lie to the american people

clinton says shes never lied

clinton faces tough questions on wall street speeches

hillarys barking episode and great clinton recession

More ready for Kwan than Clinton

a federal judge on tuesday ruled that

dishonest socialist lead reactions dems

mcknight sanders hillary

a bad day for hillary clinton in federal court

us usa election clinton emails

another hillary heckling from blm

gee, maybe start by telling your wife to stop

mrs clinton show voters those transcripts

trump racist poll slavery yougov economist upshot column

hillary apologizes for stigmatizing generations of young black men as superpredators

state dept. releases 800 new clinton emails

the five must read emails of the latest clinton email dump

you read it here first

media pundits often fail disclose financial ties hillary clinton

why robert kagans decision to endorse hillary clinton is both premature and wrong

libya isis hillary clinton

exclusive carson campaign hillarys dow chemical scandal is washington run amok

ed schultz crushes longtime clinton

hillary clinton libya

groundwork eric schmidt startup working for hillary clinton campaign

clinton on libya too soon to tell everyo

on this day in history february 29 2008

hillary clinton donald trump general election

clinton camp to hold fundraiser with wall st and big pharma lobbyists

new york times paints devastating picture hillary clintons foreign policy incompetence

will 2016 contest be between nevertrump and neverhillary voters

Justice Dept. grants immunity to staffer who set up Clinton email server.

state dept releases personnel file for hillarys private server technician

clinton takes aim at another government watchdog

Libyan War Emerges to Haunt 2016 Presidential Campaign

ny times report debunks severity of emailgate with classic clintonian wordsmithing

Hillary Clinton promises bottom UFO mystery elected maybe send task force alleged alien prison Area 51

release of clinton documents delayed after state department discovers thousands of unsearched records

hillary and the law

here are the 23 classified memos sidney blumenthal sent to hillary clinton

claim hillary grand jury looking into political corruption

source clinton it specialist revealing server details to fbi devastating witness

hillary has an nsa problem

the xx committee hillary emailgate reader

lt general ret mike flynn why hillary clinton should suspend her presidential bid

hillary called obama a joke at lunch with pals book

chelsea my mom may use executive action to fix obamacare crushing costs

Hillary ignored mandatory annual classified info security update briefings

hillarys server tech guy brought in as political appointee

147 fbi agents involved in clinton email probe

investors business daily huffpo columnist agree hillary should

Titles of Nobility: candidates for public office should enjoy special legal protections

why do the clintons have 5 shell companies in delaware

obamas latest view on secrecy overlooks past prosecution of leaks

media silent hillarys banking scam

read the radical resume of tom perez possible hillary vp

the hillary speech issue no one is talking about assignment of income

hacker guccifer i got inside hillary clinton s server

clintons crimes and comeys choice

libya five years later

flashback hillarys first email scandal project x

hillarys problem of insularity

how emailgate weakened americas national security

hillarys scripted san diego speech earned 2 votes for bernie sanders

clintons university problem laureate education lawsuits present problem for clintons

tell all book reveals hillarys erratic uncontrollable ways in the white house

hillarys for national security positions scam

shock video 2004 elizabeth warren describes hillary as a corporate donor puppet

clinton says radical islamism fueled orlando massacre

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Health Care

49 of 50 states will see premium hikes 2016

bernie sanderss single payer health care plan education teachers

government health insurance the ultimate sickness

top obamacare horror stories

the downsides of single payer medicine

bernie sanders hellish health care paradise

numerous weaknesses inadequate security settings found in colorado obamacare exchange

after computer hack l a hospital pays 17000 in bitcoin ransom to get back medical records

obamacares dirty little secret subsidies for illegal immigrants

34 doctors nurses at cincinnati va alarmed by cost cutting quality of care

Administration Still Allowing Obamacare Fraud Rip Taxpayers

cut health costs or help workers you can t do both

Illinois Obamacare plan crippled by losses

poll most americans havent directly benefited from obamacare

govt greed docs hospitals may go unpaid in co op flops

even npr agrees that obamacare has failed

montana underestimated medicaid expansion woodwork effect

union officials admit they let veterans die rather than talk to republicans


5 major hospital hacks horror stories from the cyber security frontlines

auditor cms was passive in preventing fraud in administering obamacare

obamacares tax time torment

exclusive even more suicidal vets eloped from phoenix facility va tries to dodge findings

close call va worker reinstated with back pay after missing time due to being in prison for armed robbery

contraceptive mandate obamacare supreme court editorials debates

chelsea my mom may use executive action to fix obamacare crushing costs

little to celebrate on obamacares 6th anniversary

obamacare was going to lower health care costs what actually happened

va falsified vet wait times in 7 states

requiem for a va victim

the 8 obamacare co ops most likely to fail this year

unitedhealth makes good threat pull

va exec tasked with cleaning up book cooking scandal manipulated data in old job

obamacare hits another bump in the road

what caused haiti's cholera epidemic the cdc's museum knows but won't say

feds blow off house subpoena for obamacare co op docs

covered california facing huge computer glitches

obamacare disaster will be obamas enduring domestic legacy

deadly scandal ridden va hospital to get interior designer

nhs uk now has one of the worst healthcare systems in the developed world according to oecd report

every industry gets worse when government gets involved

study finds employers are hiring more freelancers to avoid obamacare

fda wants more lung cancer

feds put credit card felon in charge of major va purchasing program

obamacare insurers considering dumping bronze plans

cancerous nonprofits the monopolization of american health care

sorry we dont take obamacare

attempted fix for va health delays creates new bureaucracy

No electricity no antibiotics no beds no soap devastating look inside Venezuela s crisis struck hospitals 7 babies die day bleeding patients lie strewn floor doctors try operate without tools

new york enters the obamacare death spiral

the va declared thousands of veterans dead even though theyre alive

cash only doctors

colorado single payer and the definition of insanity

the irs warned obama it was illegal to pay obamacare subsidies to insurance companies

texas facing huge obamacare premium hikes

gj insurer pulls out of exchange

It s Time Blame Obamacare Losing So Many Full Time Jobs

goldman sachs obamacare forcing hundreds of thousands into part time work

Free Speech

adam baldwin quits twitter calls for jack dorseys resignation

twitters new trust safety council orwellian nightmare

ROTC student banned from starting conservative club, university refuses to say why


House Republicans to college students: Have you been censored? Let us know. Email us!

Yale recently suffered national controversy after an administrator's defense of free speech resulted the administrator's resignation

supreme court nomination antonin scalia vote citizens united

when does heckling become harassment

chalk and awe

attorney generals conspire free speech schneiderman harris exxon cei

liberal ags have begun a war against the first amendment

ebay blocks draw mohammed winning cartoon from auction


Non-profits that get 99 percent of their grants from government

State Dept needs 18 months to compile 2 page list

feds have no idea what medicare medicaid fraud costs

top secret feds bury agencys computer failure lost data

fec flags thousands of illegal donations to sanders campaign

chicago city pension funds lost millions deals mayor daley nephew vanecko obama allison davis

Meet the worst Clinton ally the MSM has never told you about

ethically challenged clinton aide questions ethics of state dept ig

elizabeth warren calls this report a stunning indictment of the department of education

bank ceo reveals how obama administration shook him down


comeys fbi makes waves

union officials admit they let veterans die rather than talk to republicans

study finds researchers britain and australia skip truth get research grants


auditor cms was passive in preventing fraud in administering obamacare

corrupt feedback chains justice dept extortion

the flint city council where

6th circuit dings irs in tea party targeting case

epa execs rely on private emails to talk with lobbyists

big leak big corruption deep rot

fannie and freddie fiasco

first american connection to panama papers involves associates of hillary campaign

The ugliest face of Bill de Blasio

va exec tasked with cleaning up book cooking scandal manipulated data in old job

agency encourages illegal immigrant theft of ssns irs chief

New Balance Shoe Company: The Administration Pressured Us to Stifle Our Opposition to TPP By Dangling a Defense Department Contract Over Our Heads

exclusive kerry heinz family has millions invested in offshore tax havens

google scores 427 white house meetings obama presidency

ssa risk identity theft

kerry and wife invested in chinese company that exploits represses tibet

federal probe eyes possible straw donors de blasio campaign sources say

apple stole my music no seriously

the obama regimes criminal syndicate

epa conducts two secret meetings a year to decide how to dole out billions in slush fund money

irs employee admits go target try end conservative groups

perils executive power


two texas lawmen in tyler track the billions spent to rebuild afghanistan

state department admits briefing footage on iran deal intentionally deleted

the 16 billion tax credit black hole

irs employees erased 422 backup tapes containing 24000 of lois lerners emails

John Oliver Buys 15 Million In Medical Debt Then Forgives It

us attorney resigns after sexually harassing office lover

federal immigration boss at center turf war over terror suspect transferred on heels damning report

the clintons university problem laureate education lawsuits present problem for clintons

Erratum to “Correlation not Causation: The Relationship between Personality Traits and Political Ideologies”

regulators warn obamaphone fraud

conservative political beliefs not linked to psychotic traits

Friday, February 26, 2016

Foreign Policy

broken windows

obamas foreign policy hell the 1980s just wont stop calling

the russia reset has failed obamas foreign policy is lost

the costs of outsourcing americas foreign policy to iran

american foreign policy military power foundation

syrias bleeding even more thanks to john kerrys peace ploy

mounting evidence putin will ignite wwiii

diplomacy davutoglu signals turkish action after fall of aleppo corridor

the biggest reason to fear economic trouble in china

obamas messy iraq intelligence scandal

a world aflame obama aides debunk the bosss happy talk

top us spy chief china still successful in cyber espionage against us

white houses seven deadly errors

china deploys missiles contested island taiwan

russia wields the kurdish weapon

a disaster called obamas middle east policy

no iran not democracy

Nobel peace prize update

russia putin cold war world war iii syria obama

russia says international meeting for syria cease fire cancelled

Obama could halt new Iran-Russia Weapons Deals

moscow tigris russia joins terror nexus

Nato warns Turkey t count support conflict Russia tensions escalate

america is now fighting a proxy war with itself in syria

Brennan - diversity and inclusion are what we are supposed to do

state dept says it warned about bin laden in 1996

the foreign policy conversation democrats would rather not have

did bush lie about weapons of mass destruction

US Marines pre-positioning tanks, ammo in Norway, US sends 5,000 tons ammo to Germany

beijing hurries to cash in on perceived u-s weakness

how obama lost the mideast to putin

report u-s aircraft carriers unchallenged primacy may be coming to a close

obamas foreign policy now boils down to lets pretend

exclusive china sends fighter jets to contested island in south china sea

the siege of aleppo is an emblem of western failure in syria

liquid freedom sails from texas tilting power in global oil

the autumn leaves

turkey gives up on obama syria deal cease fire war islamic state

Smart Diplomacy!

Where ISIS is doubling

house intel committee pentagon isis files

soldiers of allah pop up in norway to counter soldiers of odin

beijing ups ante

symbolic deterrence

why robert kagans decision to endorse hillary clinton is both premature and wrong

libya isis hillary clinton

clinton on libya too soon to tell

islamic state gets closer to acquiring radioactive dirty bomb

were all muslims deep down says boston police commissioner

new york times paints devastating picture hillary clintons foreign policy incompetence

a deals a deal

terrorists daily part refugee flow into europe nato commander says

northkorea nuclear kim

Libyan War Emerges to Haunt 2016 Presidential Campaign

the market state concept revisited

iaea iran nuke deal limits reporting violations

here are the 23 classified memos sidney blumenthal sent to hillary clinton

us drone strikes kill over 150 al shabab


us commander in africa says libya is a failed state

terrorist stabbings in israel continue

North Korea 'fires short-range missiles'

intel whistle blowers fear government won t protect them

terrorist gunmen kill american and wound 12 in israel families can now be rewarded for martyrdom by iran

Obama and the shaky red line

u n peacekeepers are a sexual menace

christian genocide isis report

Intelligence: Free Range Data Reveals All

source clinton it specialist revealing server details to fbi devastating witness

north korea claims it could wipe out manhattan with a hydrogen bomb

obama doctrine goldberg free rider credibility

house unanimously puts pressure on white house declares killing of christians genocide

CIA ignored intelligence ISIS 2013 halted rise handful recruits Syrian rebel spy chief claims

ralph peters putin now realizes iran a serious threat

former defense secretary says obama went against the entire national security team on egypt coup

kurds to declare federal state northern syria despite challenges

california university stabbing attack was isis inspired fbi

obamas muslim brotherhood egypt policy amateur hour

nest of vipers brussels and the rot at the heart of the eu

US Marines set-up artillery base near Makhmour

more than 200 dissidents rounded up and arrested in cuba one day before obamas arrival

the baltic elves taking on pro russian trolls

obama cuba visit ted cruz

No Doubt About It — We’re Back in a Ground War in Iraq.

axis of evil islamic republic of iran and communist north korea

it is not working president obamas slow

third brussels airport suspect arrested

obama confounds critics and surprises raul castro with his strong defense of democracy in communist cuba

wapo bet you didnt know us has 5000 troops in iraq

obama admin secret talks pay iran 2 billion

Brussels and Iraq: Battlegrounds in the Terrorists' Global War

Belgium attacks renew focus on Europe’s Muslim enclaves.

officials say guantanamo transfers have killed americans

lets say the belgian government knew an attack would be coming at the airport what should they have done

us eases and imposes iran sanctions on same day

britain rocked by revelation of taxpayer funded palestinian terror

europe might be dying

europe is again at war

the new normal is abnormal

how president obama made syria an unfixable quagmire

bloody tide terror deaths increased 8 fold since 2010 says study

regarding terrorism its time to take off the pc gloves

irans next big export

police brussels airport employs at least 50 isis supporters

greece riots break out as refugees set to be deported to turkey

russia nuclear security summit

After boasting for three years that he “ended” the Iraq War, Obama says it was Bush’s fault.

behind closed doors top u s commander frustrated with obama

germany bows to the caliph

army needs 220k more soldiers to deal with major foes milley

terrible things are happening

amid syria war iran arms hezbollah for a deadly conflict with israel uk based research group

the u s is dropping bombs more quickly than it can make them


german army alarmed at growing islamist infiltration as 29 ex soldiers join isis

saudi arabia warns ofeconomic fallout if congress passes 9 11 bill

about obamas receding tide of war

present at the destruction

russia and china rush to fill mideast void left by obama

dod dances around boots on the ground

Abu Sayyaf's Criminal Jihad in the Philippines

natos eastern front is being tested poland warsaw summit

donald trump foreign policy incoherent shallow

minnesota men ready for trial

world war ii amnesia

obama admin dodges congressional inquiry illicit iranian missile tests

iraqi parliament collapses lawmakers flee baghdad

us middle east victory al qaeda

the missing grand strategy

al qaeda is about to establish an emirate in northern syria

obamas foreign policy guru boasts of how the administration lied to sell the iran deal

The Aspiring Novelist Who Became Obama’s Foreign-Policy Guru

obama s foreign policy guru is the blob he hates

the men who would be king

more on the ben rhodes flap

as boyish ben rhodes drops truth bombs obamas media mask drops

libya five years later

time for the miyagi doctrine

u s taxpayers are funding iran s military expansion

us pilots confirm obama admin blocks 75 percent of isis strikes

missiles everywhere


the mind of the president

libya presidential guard armed forces legitimacy