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Monday, February 29, 2016


ben carson exposes islamic taqiyya but theres even more you should know

the muslim islamophobes who agree with ben carson

muruna violating sharia to fool the west

islams doctrines of deception

the founders and islam

another history of islam and the crusades

5 critical takeaways from the islamic radicalization report the nypd is deleting from its website

weve got it wrong isis is not the main problem in the middle east

islamization america 2015

video release paris terrorists shown training with isis in syria

french officials isis has a booming fake passport industry

fbi thwarts mass shooting at milwaukee masonic temple

faq for non western immigrants to america

Muslims not like just accept never integrate says former racial equalities chief Trevor Phillips

sweden opened its doors to muslim immigration today its the rape capital of the west japan didnt

man arrested with handgun koran at disneyland paris

muslim migrants not as stupid and simple as politically correct europeans seem to believe

hundreds of rapes hidden by danish police

ashington and eu to israel make the land safe for terror

Organised campaign to hobble anti terror fight

marine vet suing md school system for islamic proselytization

lets play the blame israel game with the new york times

geller europes civil war breaks out the battle for stockholms train station

about that mosque president obama will be visiting

boko haram dalori kill 86 nigeria burn children alive

Al Qaeda militants seize southern Yemeni town

dear american muslims can we have an honest talk

obamas islamophobia

what obamas mosque speech missed islam

dhs ordered me to scrub records of muslims with terror

good news female muslim prof says muslims can rape rob infidel women only in some circumstances

House advances bill forbidding Sharia law as defense in state court

islamism spreads in africa

bible quran violence

maher islamophobic is a word created by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons.


lessons from al capone on countering islamist violence

state dept says it warned about bin laden in 1996

How the feminists 'war against boys' paved the way for islam

how academia whitewashes muslim honor killings

where ISIS is doubling

soldiers of allah pop up in norway to counter soldiers of odin

in moscow muslim nanny beheads 4 year old girl

were all muslims deep down says boston police commissioner

desperately seeking islamophobia

us drone strikes kill over 150 al shabab

trump israel and islam

california university stabbing attack was isis inspired fbi

american is fighter i made a bad decision

misunderstanding islam

JESUS VS. MUHAMMAD!! (Qur'an Challenge II)

radicalization isil islam sacred texts literal interpretation

are we ready for reality after the brussels terror attacks

muslims fear backlash after brussels attack far right anti immigrant sentiment often

brussels terrorist attack jihad everywhere

third brussels airport suspect arrested

molenbeek problem

the timing of the brussels attack

the isis attack you didnt hear about tuesday christian man hacked to death

Europe Is Again at War

how brussels became hub of islamist terror

suicide bomber targets families celebrating easter at lahore park

brussels attacks raids uncover alarming evidence europe wide jihadist cell

obama doubles down on refugee promise

on moderate muslims and the concept of religiosity part i

police brussels airport employs at least 50 isis supporters

the wests war on jihad begins at home

los angeles father shehada issa killed son for being gay

grim life for christians in muslim pakistan


1979 annus horribilis modern jihad goes global

six startling contrasts between the bible and the quran

“Half of British Muslims want gay sex banned, says poll.”

morgan freeman islam aims peace

german army alarmed at growing islamist infiltration as 29 ex soldiers join isis

minneapolis moderate muslim tries to join isis

british muslims survey

Counter-Terrorism: Hiding In Plain Sight

growing number of muslim refugees converting in austria this could be my death sentence

editor lgbt magazine death bangladesh

Abu Sayyaf's Criminal Jihad in the Philippines

minnesota men ready for trial

an unprecedented interview appears in a leading egyptian newspaper

radicalization isil islam sacred texts literal interpretation

good muslims are quietly looking out for all of us

ebay blocks draw mohammed winning cartoon from auction

germany puts sharia police on trial

Muslim savages turn Paris into war zone, again.

Welcome to Swedenistanand have a lousy day

waitress assaulted on french riviera for serving alcohol on firs

Outrage at CNN for biased Tel Aviv terror attack title

minnesota men on trial

mateen never fired because he was muslim claims former coworker

islam homosexuality capital punishment

banning guns and muslims isn't answer orlando

losing our spines to save

milo yianopoulos islam is the problem

im the shooter its me gunman called local tv station during attack station says

debate over radical islam misses key distinction between theocratic and secularized islam

hillary clinton to the gay community you have millions of allies who will always have your back and i am one of them just dont ask me about taking all that money from nations that kill


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